The HeliOS Project is now.....

The HeliOS Project is now.....
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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Clock Ticks...Even The Silence Has An Echo.....

The good news, and there's been a shortage of that lately around Reglue; is that a good friend of ours has pledged to match the next $1000.00 donated to us via our annual Indiegogo fund raiser. We ran the campaign for the extended period of 60 days instead of 30, in order to give our annual donors the chance to donate, without a pressing timeline.

Not sure what's the past, when we've reached this point in our annual effort, we're well on our way to our goal. I suppose what makes us all uncomfortable around our organization is that we've got the chance to help a whole new level of folks within the next 3 months, and we don't have the means to do it.

Sleep comes at a premium lately.

So, I am preparing to place a number of lower priced perks for the campaign, to see if that brings in any support. It's difficult to get some of the mid-range items up, like a System76 Lemur3 laptop. Sure it's got some age on it but it's in perfect working order. We were going to offer it up at Indiegogo as soon as we ordered a battery for it. That's not gonna happen it turns out.

They did get back to me fairly fast and I was looking forward to getting this machine up on the campaign. For the price I was going to list it, there's not much chance that it would last long as a perk. That was until I clicked the link provided to me so I could order the battery.

Uh, really folks...? You're going to charge me $125.00 to get a laptop up and running when said laptop wouldn't even bring that amount on the Ebay market?

I suppose System76 has to make money on their addons, but holy frickin' cow. I'm not posting this to rage against System76, although they make it extremely easy to do so. I'm just showing you one of the many hangups we've had in getting enough money to operate for the next year.

So listen. I would sure be more than thankful if you would take some time and drop by the indiegogo site and donate what you can. There's not much reason to stay open and operating if we can't get through this next year. While I'll probably be accused of soliciting sympathy, I assure you the last thing I need is sympathy.

That's just the way it is.

All Righty Then


Sean Robinson said...

I propose a nomination-writing campaign to get Helios named a "CNN Hero," ABC's "Person of the Week," and/or to have a story on KXAN News (local NBC affiliate). After all, our efforts got him awarded the FSF's "Award for the Advancement of Free Software" in 2014 - we stand at chance at these too!

These titles from CNN or ABC could help to secure funding for Reglue, not only for this year, but for the next many years. Farfetched? That depends. Remember that bus monitor lady that was bullied by the school kids? She got awarded over $703,000 in donations after her story/video made the national news. Even if that sort of number isn't achieved thanks to the publicity, just imagine what good even a tenth of that could generate.

I mean, seriously, the Helios/Diane/Reglue tale is made of all the things that make for a good evening TV human interest story. It's got drama, humor, loss, redemption, sadness, smiles, human perseverance, and winning against the odds!

I believe if we all write in our personally written nominations, Helios would be a shoe-in for these awards. I'm going to write my nominations about him soon. Please write too! Just imagine all the good Reglue might see if Helios got either one. It might help to fund the organization for at least a year or two!

Here's how to get started:
CNN Heroes form
ABC News Person of the Week form

(1) Write a message to one or more places (preferably all).
(2) Write about Helios's work and why he deserves a recognition award.
(3) Include links to this blog, Reglue, news stories, and/or anywhere else where someone has written good things about the Reglue project.

Use Reglue's public mailing address when writing your nominations:
Ken Starks
307 Ferguson Street
Taylor, Texas 76574-2400

You can feel free to send the same nomination to all three places if you want. Try to get your nominations written and submitted by February 4th. That way they can see all of our writings in enough of a concentration where hopefully it gets lots of positive attention, and hopefully, a TV news story or two.

Let's get the nation to notice Reglue! Ever upward!

Paul Sams said...

Ken, I had a Lemur Ultra from 2014. I found the battery for it on Amazon, by looking under "Sago Computers" I believe. I had to find the model number from the original supplier. The Battery was about $32.00. It was working fine until we were in an apartment fire in October 2015. During the evacuation, the building was contaminated with asbestos. Long story short, lost my System76 and everything else I had. Long story, I won't bore you with it. I have been unable to help financially, we are rebuilding our life, and my wife is very ill. I know you and Diane have also had multiple problems.