The HeliOS Project is now.....

The HeliOS Project is now.....
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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Your Computer Junk is Gold to Reglue.....

We recently started a fund drive for our effort,  But in times when many people are finding it harder and harder for their dollars to stretch, Reglue has found a new revenue source, and it's one most anyone who works in computer tech can assist.

For cheap.

You can fund a kid's tech non profit with your computer junk.

You know those old motherboards, RAM sticks and CPUs you have stashed under your shelving or desk.  You know the stuff....the stuff you were sure you were going to use someday?

Many of us have figured out that "someday" will probably never come but still, there's all that stuff that needs to go to recycle.

Why not give it to someone who can do good things with it?

When I was on-site tech for my division, I had boxes and bins full of stuff like that...I am guessing it's still there.  What we could do with all of that now.....  

So instead of donating money to our kid's non profit, ship that old stuff to Reglue . 
The volunteers at Reglue will sort it and turn it into operating dollars for their charity work.  And you get a tax receipt for your donation.

Just because you think that you might not have enough to mess with...remember that dozens of people are sending in their smaller amounts as well.  Last week, all those small amounts we received resulted in $320.00 for our non profit.

So. let's see....gathering dust or donate....gathering more dust or donate....
We would be thrilled to receive your old components.  Email Ken to get a receipt for tax purposes.

If shipping, this is the address for our packaged and bulk deliveries:

Ken Starks
C/O Reglue
1117 W. 3rd Street
Taylor Texas

And as always, thanks for helping us do what we do. Extra thanks to Andy Krell for the photo of the empty computer cases that were stripped this past Sunday.  We did pretty good for a quickly thrown-together event.

All-Righty Then


Unknown said...

Can we just drop them by sometime?

Unknown said...

You bet. Just call ahead to make sure we're not out in the field or picking up parts. 512 269 3115