The HeliOS Project is now.....

The HeliOS Project is now.....
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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Linux Goes To Stanford in Style

Good news is always good to get.  A few years ago, Reglue presented a young man a ThinkPad laptop with which to enter college.  Sanjit Patel entered college at the age of 16...a studious kid with a dry wit and an unsettling focus.

He is a first generation US born citizen.  His parents immigrated here, fleeing from the violence in and around Kashmir.  Violence that cost him his uncle and two cousins.  I promised Sanjit that if he was accepted to graduate school, we would replace the old T60 Lenovo we gave him upon entering the University of Texas in Austin.

I got the email from him about 2 hours ago.  He has been accepted to the School of Earth Sciences at Stanford, where he will study geophysics.  Arrangements will be made to have Sanjit's computer shipped to him.  He will enter Stanford with a  15.6" Gazelle Professional from System 76 and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Geophysics.

We made arrangements for three possible graduate student laptop grants a few years back but Sanjit is the only one who has been accepted for Graduate study.  It feels good to know that we can make good on our promise...a promise we could not have kept if it wasn't for the amazing support Reglue gets from the Linux and Open Source communities.

The actual cost of the laptop is being reimbursed by a group of "RockHound" professors at UT/Austin.  Since the cost of this laptop had to come from my own pocket, I am grateful to these professors who helped us out.  I am simply writing this at the behest of Sanjit Patel to thank you for helping him achieve his dreams.  And from the directors and volunteers of Reglue, thank you for helping us do what we do.

Oh, and that old T60 Lenovo we gave Sanjit when he entered UT?  The drive was wiped, a fresh install of Edubuntu installed and put back in the "ready" pile, waiting to be given to the next Reglue Kid.

Ya gotta love Lenovo.  Stuff from the T60 era was built like a tank.

All-Righty Then


Andrew Cater said...

One Z61 is living in Kenya as I speak because it's gone to a church charity

Quality Thinkpads rock for longer :)