The HeliOS Project is now.....

The HeliOS Project is now.....
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Monday, July 09, 2012

New Reglue Website...Some Help Needed

It should have been a fairly easy thing to do.

Fact is, it is an easy thing to do.....

If your eyesight wasn't hosed by intense chemotherapy.

Not complaining, just stating the fact.  Chemo had some nasty surprises for me.  Not only did I permanently  lose 60 percent of my hearing, it screwed up my eyesight.  Unfortunately, it's not something that can be fixed by corrective lenses.  It's not the loss of focus that bothers me so much as it is my inability to tolerate any screen with a backlight.

The physics of it are a bit weird but it's simply something I have to live with.

Unfortunately, I am finding that it impedes me in ways I didn't count upon.....

Like moving and updating the Reglue website.

An extremely good friend has both hosted and maintained the HeliOS website for a number of years now.  Problem being, his professional and personal life has given him less and less time to devote to other things.  My heart-felt thanks goes out to him for supporting us all this time.  He just can't do it anymore and I understand fully.

The Reglue website is now hosted by Don Davis.  As it was originally, the site could only be accessed and modified via ssh and scp....limiting at best.  Don installed a fairly straight forward CMS called Gpeasy for me but my difficulty is being able to see things clearly enough to make the necessary changes.  There will be a large amount of copy and paste involved, but nothing real technical.

I've made several attempts to do this on my own but my eyes just are not up to the task.  If you have some time to spare and wouldn't mind giving us a hand, I would dearly appreciate some help in getting the site edited to reflect the Reglue changes.

If you are able to help, contact me via ken at reglue dott kommm.  If you don't like the current CMS in place, we'll install one that is to your liking.  I am guessing this can be done with the website unzipped on a local machine and then replace the current files on the site.  You can also have access to the site itself if you find that easier.  Either way is fine with us.

We simply need to get the changes made in order to be in compliance with IRS Regs.  That's the last thing we need is to get on their bad side.

Trust me....I speak from personal experience as a former business owner.  They can and will make your life miserable.

Anyway....let me know if you can help and we'll get the ball rolling.

Thanks again for helping us do what we do.

All-Righty Then...


eMBee said...

did you have a chance to look at using a device that has no backlight?

like the OLPC XO?

greetings, eMBee.

Unknown said...

Yes I did but while it solves the problem of nausea, it doesn't help at all with the blurred vision, especially at that screen size.....

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the chemo therapy damaged the hair cells in your inner ear. What a bummer chemo is.

Maybe they'll find a better way to treat cancer like doing three rounds in the ring with Mike Tyson.