The HeliOS Project is now.....

The HeliOS Project is now.....
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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Konnect a Kid This August

With school starting soon, we are gearing up for the demand that is sure to come.  So far in the month of August, The HeliOS Project installed 16 computers.  The area we serve is significantly depressed and the need for our services is great.

As of now, we have the machines to meet these needs, at least through November, with current stock.  Fortunately we've done well in collecting useable computers and monitors for our kids.

Unfortunately, about 60 percent of the computers we've installed over the summer months are without Internet service.

For a while, we operated under the premise that we should find ways to pay for a year's Internet service for our kids but as we mature as an organization and come to understand out clientele a bit better, that well-intended idea isn't as good as we thought it to be.

Given the fact that many of the kids we serve are in their teens, they are entering into the part of life that begins to teach them responsibility.

You can't teach responsibility by giving a kid everything without any effort on her part.

That's why HeliOS has changed our philosophy a bit when it comes to getting Internet into these homes.  Now, we're talking about 35 bucks a month here, give or take a dollar or two.  We know full well that 35 dollars is pretty easy to earn in a 30 day period.  Lawn work, babysitting, shopping for shut-ins...there are plenty of opportunities for a kid to make 35.00 a month.

HeliOS has decided that we can prime the pump so to speak, but we won't haul the water over the entire year for them.

Through our Austin Prometheus Project, The HeliOS Project strives to raise enough money to pay 3 months of Internet Service for our families.  After that, it will be up to them to pay their way.

I think it is one of life's truisms that no one appreciates a hand out...especially one that is constantly given.  It becomes expected instead of appreciated.  In that spirit, we ask that you come together with us to help us kick off our Austin Prometheus annual drive.  A donation of $35.00 will represent one month's service for one of our computers.  The drive is from the middle of August until 1 September.  Hopefully in that time, we will be able to raise enough to get 3 months internet service to the families we provide computers for.

If you are interested, you can simply click this link and it will take you to our non profit donation page, and of course, you will receive an electronic receipt for your donation.  If you prefer a paypal method, contact me directly for that information.  helios  at fixedbylinux dott komm  will get to me.

As well, the few dollars we generate by our adsense ads being clicked will go to Austin Prometheus.

I will pledge and donate the first 300.00 to this effort in good faith.

We are working with a couple of small businesses in Austin that encourage their employees to donate to Austin Prometheus.  I want to personally thank them for recognizing the need in this area.

We'd appreciate your help in getting the word out of this effort.  This isn't really "news" so it won't get posted to any of the Linux sites.  We will depend on our readers to pass it along via Google + , Facebook and Twitter.

As always...thanks for helping us do what we so.

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propwashz said...

You might let the families know about this BEFORE you sign them up for 3 months of internet...

I don't think they can qualify if they already have internet..

Unknown said...

@ propwashZ

Be located where Comcast offers Internet service

Unfortunately, Comcast does not serve the Eastern Williamson County Area. We will register with them for anything outside of that area, but the lion's share of work we do is within Eastern Wilco.

Anonymous said...

I think it is one of life's truisms that no one appreciates a hand out...especially one that is constantly given. It becomes expected instead of appreciated.

Absolutely correct Ken and I am glad you came to that realization. Some kids today and many adults, especially those on the welfare system come to expect these handouts and become irate when they don't receive them. You've hit on an excellent idea and I am glad you have implemented this procedure.

Anonymous said...

I think this is a great learning tool for those who really need it? Our youngest generation could learn a lot in teenage and a few bit years by doing a little bit of work that might later teach them that hard work comes up with rewards.

That the choices you make reflect upon the future one leads. Thank you Ken for your work with the people you serve along with the others that help you.

JRaz said...

Ken I wish I were in a better position to help but I'm not. I have expressed this to my friends on Facebook and elsewhere. I can only hope the word continues to spread until it lands to those who can spare a few dollars now and then.