The HeliOS Project is now.....

The HeliOS Project is now.....
Same mission, same folks...just a different name

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bringing Technology to a Community

You are cordially invited to The HeliOS Project grand opening on Saturday, the 4th of June between 1 and 5 PM.  We will have the traditional Central Texas fare of grilled hot dogs, chips, dips, and other assorted foods along with a raffle of three of our computers.

I also want to warmly thank The Taylor Meat Company for helping us sponsor the event by supplying the 100 hot dogs we will need.  I am sure we will use them all.

We are expecting a pretty good turn-out as the City of Taylor has welcomed us at every turn.  We look forward to serving this community and if the response to our initial presence is any indication of future activity, we're going to be busy.

About that...

We've received some criticism for "isolating" ourselves with this facility move to Taylor Texas.  Taylor is considerably outside of Austin.  Some have said that we've abandoned a large need-base in order to serve one of lesser demographic.

First off, this is untrue.  We still serve Austin Texas and the entire 50 mile radius.  The point of our move was in gaining a permanent and stable home for HeliOS.  And being more honest than I probably need to be, as nice as Austin is, we spent 3 years trying to get a place donated for our dedicated use.

That didn't happen.

That did not happen for one main reason.  Austin hasn't been clobbered by the economic down-turn as badly as the most of the nation.  Commercial real estate is still demanding and receiving premium rental prices so there is less unused space in Austin.  A building owner or manager isn't going to donate a space when she can recognize income from it.  We were simply unable to gain a foothold there.