The HeliOS Project is now.....

The HeliOS Project is now.....
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Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Universe Throws Us A Bone

If you don't read anything else all week, make sure this makes the list.

His name is Gustavo Campanelli and he may have just hit on a phenomenal way to get Linux the attention it both deserves and has earned.

As often happens, this situation isn't something of our is one of those cosmic breaks we sometimes get in life...a roll of the dice...a situation that pops up and defies one to ignore it. I am doing nothing but giving you the opportunity to look at this. And I will bet one thing...if you are of a "we are the Universe" mindset...

You will laugh yourself silly at the implications and the possibilities.

All of which we had absolutely nothing to do with. Now go take a look...this is fantastic.

All-Righty Then


Amenditman said...

I don't even have to go and look at the developer's website, when they release it for Linux I will buy it.

If I don't play it I will give it to someone who will.

Makes no difference, he is right about us buying as many copies as we can.

Cheap advertising for GNU/Linux as a consumer base to market your cutting edge products to.

Thanks h


Anonymous said...

If you're looking to support Linux games and have kids, look here:

Fashion Cents and Dirk Dashing are two excellent games for children, and even for some adults.

Anonymous said...

I'll buy that for a dollar...or twenty. Great idea, I think.