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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Darned Shame

Well, I made the mistake of thinking we could all be bigger than our politics.

That's what I get for thinking when I'm not used to it.

I'll not make that kind of assumption again.



Anonymous said...

I'm assuming you're referring to your earlier post on the bumper sticker. I thought it was kind of funny, I'm also an Alabama redneck who voted for Obama. We can disagree on politics, many Americans have shed blood, lost limbs, and their lives so we can have that right. I'm praying that Obama and our other leaders will do what is right. I also hope we can all find our sense of humor and be able to laugh at ourselves.
Paul Sams

Anonymous said...

@ Paul Fully agreed. I thought the guy was pretty clever for coming up with it. It is a shame some folks have to take stuff like this personally. Someone dug at him about koolaid and "faux" news. Liberals are so used to having it 100 percent their way that when there is any conservative bend to the conversation, they are shocked by it and of course that is all they see. Never mind they have pushed their agenda into the face of the American people for decades. And they wonder why newspaper circulation is going down. Are those bumper stickers for sale yet? My wife voted McCain. Well, that isn't exactly true. She voted Palin hoping McCain would succumb to the stress of his job. She will buy several if they are available. How do we order them?

keith said...

Dude, you took the other post down? WTF?!
That sucks--I thought it was amusing.
Some people really have no sense of humor.

kozmcrae said...

Dang, I can't even remember what I said.

whydoubt said...

What a shame. I still want one of those bumper stickers.
-- Jeff Smith

Anonymous said...

It was something like, God Save This Obamanation, obviously a twist to the word abomination. Personally I thought it was a scream and I voted for the guy.

Just holding my breath though. Someone mentioned buyers remorse and after looking at his "tax plan", I may have screwed myself. I think the nation got caught up in his rockstar status and didn't look too close at his real strategy.

Put me down for one of those bumper stickers and autograph it for me helios. Just started reading you a month ago and I've been catching up with all your old stuff. you should write for a living.


Anonymous said...

It wasn't anything that was posted on the comments. People think it's because his friends got mad at him. I Talked to helios about an hour ago. He got a death threat via email. I work for Sun so I am trying to help him trace the email now.

Now tell me people can't put any one thing over their politics. Dude you suck if you took what he said personally. He was going to use the money he made from those bumper stickers for his charity. I really, really want to know who sent that email.


Larry the Open Source Guy said...

Keith is right: You shouldn't have taken the blog down. And I've already contacted Helios off-list about this, and I just want everyone to know that rather than call out Helios publicly on this, I should have taken it off-list, and for that I apologized to Helios and I now apologize to those of you who read the original post.

I normally don't address cowards who only grow a pair behind the pseudonym "anonymous" (and what follows does not pertain to Paul Sams and Earl, who at least had the courtesy to sign their names). However, I would like to point out to the "anonymous" responding to Paul's post that, yeah, I dug at him about taking an innocuous statement and running with the socialist-Muslim-dictator nonsense, and if you think "liberals are used to having it 100 percent their way," then you might want to try living in the real world for a change.

Anonymous said...

I have a different take on what Helios wrote. I did not see as a twist on abomination. What I saw was ObamaNation which to me means Nation of Obama. Something totally different.

It is a sad comment that people will always assume the worst when they read something.

Ken, try to keep your head above the fray and don't let the idiots get you down.


Anonymous said...

Larry the Open Source Guy, I do sign my name since anonymous is the only way I know to post. I do think liberals are unfairly portrayed. We believe in freedom, thus we embrace rights that we may personally disagree with. We go to Church, Temple, or other house of worship, or none of the above. I call myself an Alabama redneck because I no longer take myself so seriously. I may disagree with Ken's political beliefs, I don't know what they are except from what I've read of his blog. It seems that if you vote Democrat you are usually labeled as less than a real American by those who disagree with you. There is so much that could be done if people will accept they have different opinions. What often gets lost in the discussion are the things most of us agree on regardless of political views. Larry, and Ken as this is your blog, have a good day.

Paul Sams

FelixTheCat said...

So it was OK for the obviously liberal press/comedians to take personal pot shots at Bush (yes, mistakes and bad judgement aside), but Obama is sacred? Really???

I'll take two, please. :)

Anonymous said...

So you apologize for the "faux" and "koolaid" statements then -

", I dug at him about taking an innocuous statement and running with the socialist-Muslim-dictator nonsense,"

I've got the original posting screenshot right in front of me and there isn't anywhere helios came close to even subtly hinting he ran with "the socialist and Muslim-dictator nonesense." So you are attributing these beliefs and philosophies to helios? You honestly believe he ascribes to anything even remotely resembling that nonesense? Where is the racist accusation?

I wouldn't "set the record straight" anymore man. Quit while you are ahead. Loudmouthed and obnoxious? At times. You just stopped short at racist. You are now supposed to call him a racist for opposing the ObamaNation. I've seen the playbook in action for 2 years now. I'm a bit surprised many held their tongue and didn't flat out call him a racist. Then again, I suppose the animal that threatened to slit his and his family's throats in their sleep has already made that leap. You did the right thing by taking that down. Unfortunately it is still cached with google.

And for the record, I know this because helios and my Dad served at the same time, they were the first military presence at The Jim Jones Amusement Park in Guyana. Ken was the NCOIC of a Chemical and Biological unit to begin the "cleanup" of those bodies and the detoxification of that area. Try putting 5 day-dead and bloated bodies into body bags sometime without rupturing them into a hanging cloud of deathstench. His actual job was to find Congressman Ryan's body and bring him home under the flag and under the protection of the United States Army. He did, but not before he helped his unit finish their job. In the process, He brought dignity and peace to over 900 screaming souls. Would you like me to post the pictures? I can have my sister scan them and send them to me.

In retrospect, "koolaid" might not have been the best choice for a descriptive cliche'. The day I find it necessary to defend my politics by publicly attacking my friend is the day I enroll in college classes and pursue my degree in journalism.

Skipper, thank you for the phone cards. First Sergeant Meyers says he's gonna get you seriously drunk as soon as he gets home. 78 days and counting for him and me. Seriously, I am paypaling you enough for 100 of those bumper stickers. Send them via my APO. They will look good on our Humvee's, helmets and Armor vehicles.

Ryan Sommers
Amid the rocks - Afghanistan

Ryan Sommers

Anonymous said...

> My wife voted McCain. Well, that isn't exactly true. She voted Palin hoping McCain would succumb to the stress of his job.

So did mine. :) I voted for the Constitution party. Couldn't stand either Obama or McCain.

> It was something like, God Save This Obamanation,

OK. I've got no use for that. Shame to have to take it down though.

> He got a death threat via email.

Well, that's a good reason. Hopefully you can track the moron down and the police will have a little talk with him.

> Ken, try to keep your head above the fray and don't let the idiots get you down.


> ...and if you think "liberals are used to having it 100 percent their way," then you might want to try living in the real world for a change.

I think he's referring to the mainstream media, Larry. Which hardly counts as the "real world", admittedly. The media is (from memory) around 90% liberal, and that's obvious to any unbiased observer who watches/reads the material. It's probably infuriating to someone with an opposing viewpoint. Since I don't watch/read the material (no television, no newspaper, and limited radio), it doesn't really affect me.

Anonymous said...

Political parties divide an even further divided nation (conservative and liberal) and people wonder why an increasing number of individuals do not vote or take part in the political process. I'd have to say that religious groups that do not vote are probably the smartest religious groups in the world.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame you had to take it down and that you got attacked for it. Now if I had seen the original post I may still have thought you should take it down, but theres no excuse for those sorts of threats.

Differing viewpoints should be accepted if not embraced for the simple reason that is provides a different perspective. I could go into a long tangent debunking the liberal media myth or something along those lines, but instead I'll just say this: Shame on whoever sent that email and I hope they are caught.

Sam Woods