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The HeliOS Project is now.....
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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Wasted On An Idiot....

David, you have no idea how I've struggled with this.

You have no idea....


It was a good Labor Day Weekend. Good from a productivity point of view. In this little room I call home right now, we've been able to build, test and place 9 computers for The HeliOS Project. I say we built 9...actually we built 8. The ninth one was the one you sent to me last month. I found a place for it this past week.

As most people know, school started within the last week all over the United States. Here in Austin, that meant that we were going to get extremely busy. We as in HeliOS Solutions. This is the time of year that teachers discreetly ask their students who has or doesn't have a computer at home. A few of those teachers come to me and ask if I can build the computers they need.

We always say yes. We've yet to turn anyone down.

In the past 48 hours, we've received requests for four more. somehow, some way, we will build those computers and give them to those who need them.

Most often these days, it's just me that builds the computers. With Ryan Sommers in Afghanistan and the other volunteers either in college or new-found jobs, I am usually the one that does the building.

That's fine. This is a good thing for me right now. I'm going through some changes and this is good for me.

It is through the few but generous supporters of The HeliOS Project that we are able to do this. Between them and second jobs I take, financially disadvantaged kids who normally would not have a computer are able to get one through our efforts.

As an aside, I want to take a minute and give my sincere thanks to Tom King for his help and support over the Labor Day weekend. A wireless outage brought what we do here to a standstill and it was through Tom's knowledge of networking that we were able to get things back on track again. Tom also donated an extremely nice computer to The HeliOS Project. That computer found a home yesterday.

Thank you Tom.

And David, as you know...your computer found a home too. Of course, you knew that already.

This is the part I struggled with David.

Seven letters.

Seven letters that make up your last name. You have no idea how I've agonized over typing those seven letters in this blog.

I so dearly want to.

You sanctimonious piece of trash.

Let me enlighten the others reading this blog David. Let me explain to them what I am talking about.

As I am of the habit of doing, I email people who have donated their computers or money enough to build one complete computer, with the name of the recipient and a short bio. It's simply our way of showing folks where their efforts and generosity are going. Our friend David it seems, has a problem with the recipient of his donated computer. Yes, David wasn't at all happy with our choice. The child is in a single parent home and not living in a neighborhood many of us would feel comfortable entering. Fact is, I was a bit aprehensive myself going there. The boy was elated with his computer. Unfortunately, David didn't much appreciate our canidate for his machine.

Dear Mr. Starks, Had I known you were going to waste my perfectly good computer on an idiot, I would have never donated it. You can be assured you will receive no more support from me. I trusted your judgement more than I should have. David *******

Collin is the boy's name and Collin was born with Downs Syndrome. Apparently, David thinks that a person afflicted with Downs Syndrome is wasted human flesh.

David, as a self-described Linux Geek and FOSS supporter, I could absolutely ruin your day with one name. One of the most gifted and talented members of our community has Downs Syndrome. Google it. I'll not bring his good name into this.

And yet I still struggle...for I've not yet signed off of this blog and I still itch to make the world aware of who you are...not that any one would recognize you...

I simply want to punish you for being who you are.

In all David, I have given it some thought and you are right. Collin was not deserving of the machine you donated to him. In fact, I left his house at 4 PM this afternoon with your computer in my arms and placed it in my car.

I hope you are happy.

In it's place, I installed a brand new HP A6560.

With 17 inch Viewsonic monitor.

And Bose Sub-Woofer sound System.

Here is the best part David. I told Collin and Marcy, his mother, that you had given it some serious thought and in doing so, decided that a used computer wasn't going to do. I told them that you said Collin deserved much more than a used, frankenstein machine and that you were happy to help someone with Collin's obvious intelligence and talent. He is quite an accomplished little artist at his young age David.

I am going to be eating a lot of mac and cheese the rest of the month David. I paid for that computer and monitor out of my pocket and it took almost everything I had saved to do it but you know what?

It was worth it.

And I would do it again.

The world is full of "Idiots" like Collin.

It grieves me to know the world is full of people like you as well David.

All-Righty Then...


Amenditman said...

Hi h,

It's always someone in the group! We all know a 'David', and can't stand to be around him. I know several kids with Down's and I'd trade all the 'Davids' in the world for a few more 'Collins'.

I'd even call that a great deal.

More to the point, better off without David as a supporter, unfortunately, for him, for the kids, for your efforts. Oh well!

Glad to hear you'll be eating again, and such healthy fare.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

It is indeed sad that "David" feels this way. It also shows his ignorance. I'm sure this is not an evil man, but an ignorant man. Every child is valuable, as are the senior citizens you have reached out to. Like with any child, many children with downs syndrome live productive and happy lives. As with any other disability some cannot. That you chose not to deny Collin a computer shows your sincerity in helping kids. Just kids, without putting a label on them. I guess that's all I've got to say.
Hope you are well,
Paul S

slayerboy said...


As a "disabled" person, I find your actions offensive. There's not much that I am offended by in this world. Ignorance, racism, blatant stupidity, dead-beat dads, women and children abusers, and botox are the only things that offend me.

Congratulations on ruining my day to you David. Rot in hell.


You are a better human being than I could ever be. You are truly and inspiration.


Unknown said...

@ SB

Thank you but you give me way too much credit and yourself not near enough...


Anonymous said...


David is the only idiot here - certainly not Colin. My wife and i had our first son recently, and for a while it was touch and go as to whether he would have Downs. It shits me that people like David exist. If a child (person) as a condition, does it make them any less of a person ? Most definitely not. They are some of the most loving, "good" people in the world. People like David need to move to a country to be together - I vote Antarctica. With no outside communication - at all. There, they can be happy, we so can we.

Anonymous said...

Once again you rise above the Davids and make the world that one little bit better than it was before you acted. Thanks for maintaining my faith in humanity.

Anonymous said...


Each morning I go to my news links for the news of the world. None of it is ever good. I go to your blog for some good news and I often find inspiration.

This morning I found David.

On behalf of the rest of the human race, I apologize for David.

a two year Ubuntu user

Anonymous said...

I have had the pleasure of dealing with "helios". As a Police Officer in Austin and a Youth Minister, it is a pleasure to find people like him. Being a Police Officer, I am constantly in contact with people that drag my spirits down. Working with helios refreshes my batteries and faith in people. He has done much more work in this community than most people realize. He is truly a community treasure. My thanks goes out to him. In a sad way, it's good to know that I'm not the only one that has to deal with the David's of the world

Pete Morales
Austin Texas

Anonymous said...

Open a paypal account, I am sure people will help 'sponsor' that HP you bought...


Unknown said...

No, that is a done thing and I am happy to have taken care of that myself...there is some personal satisfaction in it to be honest. We do however accept donations and that link is at the top of this page. I simply didn't mention it because I didn't want this article to be seen as a "donation tool".

Aside from the obvious purpose, it serves a public spanking to every "David" out there.

Besides...Mac and cheese isn't so bad if you are generous with the hot fudge.



Amenditman said...

Don't forget the Louisiana hot sauce to go with the hot fudge.

Anonymous said...

Definitely Louisiana hot sauce on your mac and cheese! Nice piece of work there sir. Try not to let the slugs of the world get you down.

Anonymous said...

So am I understanding this right? You took the computer this slimeball gave you and replaced it with a brand new one? I googled that model and it is sweet, by the way.

And you told the kid and his Mom that David had actually been the one to replace the computer, not you?

Oh man...that's beautiful are one nasty SOB. I like you already.

Anonymous said...

Hi, This is Jeff and I recently found myself in a micro-version of the situation that you are in now, sans the David (hw came from me: shows the approach I took) and would like to know if you did deliver these with linux on them how did you resolve the conceptual problems in situations where the student is special and the parent is computer-shy to the point of not understanding about this not being Windows?? I am doing everything I can think of (making how-to videos, books, docs, etc) but the train isn't quite coming into the station. My project is really trying hard in the new environment and are for the most part succeeding.

This also begs another question that your experience might help answer. I and maybe a few others at this point are specing out a live dvd or CD but has a desktop that is tailored to kids with special needs. It calls for a very special mix of educational apps that can appeal to not so much a variety of kids but rather some of these kids are mentally very young in some way but not all and so I want to be able to stimulate every part of what they have going on. The trick of this is that the kid could have home be on a USB key so when they come to school the teacher can boot the Cd and the kid has his or her documents (songs, drawings, etc). Better yet, the kid can take a copy of the CD home and with the USB key they can have that special environment that is just for them at home too no matter what mom and dad run...

Lots more ideas but doing some research on the software mix; in some ways it would be nice to be able to let educators tailor the CDs since they will know the student best...

Anyhow if you have any info that might help any of the above, I would be most appreciative. I am at JeffC at


Anonymous said...

That story would bring a tear to a glass eye. Beautiful work, Helios. It's hard for a normal thinking person to understand the thinking of a person like David. Not hard to understand yours, though. Well done, Sir.

Lowey from Australia.

tivasyk said...

i loved the brilliant twist to the story. not going to woo anybody, but it's great to know happy ends happen. inspiring indeed. cheers!

Anonymous said...

The compassion and empathy expressed by everyone here and your actions Helios are exactly how we as human beings are supposed to act and think.

It's so encouraging to see others feeling this concern for the well-being of others.

God bless you all.

And for all the agnostics and atheists, Good on ya, cobbers or well done!

Anonymous said...

If it is not already installed on the machine, I would suggest that Collin might find the GCOMPRIS collection of educational games to be worthwhile.

Thanks, h, for the wonderful anecdote.

Unknown said...

You, sir, are one of the good ones.

Keep on keepin' on.

Anonymous said...

Helios, it was a good move that you didn't post the person's name. Tempting, yes, definitely, but everyone deserves a chance to see their mistakes from the outside before bar-b-quing at the stake. It's easy for me to say this though. If you hadn't made the switch, perhaps David should have been asked to go to the kid's house and ask for his computer back.. maybe even go with him to make sure David did no damage (just in case).

Again, thanks for pushing Linux on kids ;-)

jeff cobb, tuxpaint is a must (I won't pass up the opportunity to say it this time). Also, it would be interesting to see if any "special" software can be built (or customized/forked from something else). I'll try to remember to look into it (warning, this could take years, so don't hold your breath).

dfisher said...

I had never heard of your project, and so I'm glad you posted this, because a friend of mine was so offended by David that she posted a link, which I followed, and here I am. Our youngest is autistic. We're lucky. We have a computer and he uses a cheap art program to draw pictures on it and practice writing words. His drawings are really amazing things. He adds numerous details and little perspective touches. You know his bus is a bus, and he's only 5. I can't donate yet. Our finances are in the toilet, but you can bet I will, and I will also post the link. Hopefully David will be useful in getting you many more supporters and contributors, so more people like Collin and my Aidan, and many poor kids in the world who are being left behind will have the opportunity you work so hard to give. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Good for you Helios.

One slightly irrelevant comment: I wonder if you're sure about there being a Linux community member with Down's Syndrome. I did a google, but came up empty. I wonder if perhaps you've mixed up Down's Syndrome with a certain form of cerebral palsy? There is definitely a very talented (and controversial!) Linux community member who fits that bill...

Either way, keep up the great work Helios!

Unknown said...

@ dfisher,

Your money is no good here man....and if you send me any, I am just going to send it back to you in a check made out to Aidan Fisher.


Here is what I would appreciate.

A small, ragtag bunch started a project over a year ago called "Lindependence". It was an effort to get an entire small town to switch to Linux.

Of course we knew all along that it was a lofty and probably unachievable goal...but that is the way we presented it. Our goal really was to get "Lindependence projects" to start all over the world and I am extremely happy to report that to this point, we've succeeded. There are several in the planning stages world-wide. The next one takes place in Portland Oregon on the 25th of October. Larry Cafiero and I are the founders of the project and we will have our fingers in each one as it develops. We could really use a hand promoting it and asking anyone with any measurable talent at all to contribute their skills to it.

That is worth FAR more to us than a boxcar full of money.

Not really but I just wanted to work in the phrase "boxcar of money" somewhere.

Thank you for your kind words and support and may God Bless and guide you in raising your baby.....Let me know if I can help in any way.


Anonymous said...

You are very definately an inspiration. I know there are people who only wish to do harm in the world, David being a prime example of one of them.

But, in my experience anyway, it's rare to find somebody like you, who takes the crap of people like David, and uses that to spur them onto better things.

Collin and his mother will never know your sacrifice because of how you did it. But we know.

And I, for one, appreciate it.

See, I have an Uncle who has Down's Syndrome. Back when he was born (mid 40's, first child to a young-ish couple), the doctor told my grandparents to put him in an institution and don't get too attached, it was 'better' that way.

When my grandparents refused to do that, the doctor then told my grandmother to give the baby a bath, take him outside and let him 'play' in the snow with wet hair. He'd catch pneumonia and die.

You see, it was 'better' that way.

My Uncle is over 60 years old now, a contributing member of society. Because somebody believed in him and gave him a chance like you believe in Collin and gave him a chance.

May whatever deity you believe in reward you many times over for your generousity.

tracie said...

this is a wonderful thing you have done.

bless you.

Unknown said...

You're an angel

Anonymous said...

Let's forget about "David"s in the world when there are enough guys like you.

God bless you, man.

Anonymous said...

Tards DO NOT need computers.

-Ibod Catooga

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous Oh, good, can I have yours?

Anonymous said...

Seeing as we can screen for Downs... I see no reason why wasted human flesh should be a drain on resources.

Clinical Termination folks. We took control of abortion for a reason.

I can certainly see where this David is coming from. This Downs kid is going to be a drain on society for the rest of his life, so David is naturally annoyed with his donation being sucked into a benefit black-hole.

That said perhaps he is simply ignorant, as you have suggested. Perhaps Collin is part of the small percentage of Downs kids who won’t be a total waste.

I eagerly await a report of how well Collin’s got on with his new computer and what useful things he’s done with it. If he’s used it well, then perhaps you should inform this David fellow. Change his attitudes and make him a better person instead of ranting like a spoiled teenager on your blog.

But Legion believes that David is right until proved wrong.

Anonymous said...

Found this post from a link on Reddit. I just donated $100. Thanks for all you do.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Gene pool pollution is serious business please do not promote the de-evolution of mankind.

Terminate your defective cancer before it spreads.

Anonymous said...

Warning: You're blog has been posted on . You will recieve tons of hate from them now, for they are the internet bullies. The grown ups of the computer age, the geeks who got beat up in school and dumped by women so have turned bitter. I would remove all connections to you that are on the internet, if they so choose they WILL find you and WILL ruin your life.

You have my sympathy, and David should not be allowd to live since HE is the waste of flesh.

@/b/tards: Know this, I am among you now. I am one of you. You cannot find me and I will do everything I can to stop your raids on inocent people one raid at a time. I have become what you are, and your greatest weapon has turned against you. I Am. Anonymous.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Kurysu said...

Good work HeliOS. My nephew has down's and his name is also Collin so this story really hit home for me. Once he's old enough to start playing with computers (he's still a toddler now) I will think of you as I help him learn.

And way to demonstrate computer idiocy "anonymous"; you know a mean word (that really doesn't even make sense in this case) and can cut and paste. Woo. Way to waste everyone's time.

Anonymous said...

I find the moral condemnation of a person who *at least bothered to give to charity* to be no less nauseating than David's disrespectful note and / or questionable views about eugenics.

"I simply want to punish you for being who you are."

That's pure malice. And to have that kind of malice while condemning this person is a paragon of hypocrisy. I say this because I am one of many victims of this kind of arrogance and hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being who you are.

Anonymous said...

Now imagine someone will take your pc away because you are "stupid" and a waste of space.

When you have downs syndrome, come back and complain about being a victim of arrogance and hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

this is not cool. david is correct, you have basically provided a genetic abomination with a $1000 drool cup / masturbation machine. enjoy denying yourself delicious food so you could feel a little better about yourself for what amounts to giving a monkey a car.

i guess calling a spade a spade hit a little close to home. you would have better spent your dinner money on scraping a certain uterus, if only you had been a little earlier.

constant burdens don't deserve pity or computers. open your eyes.

Anonymous said...

Your blog brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for doing what you do and being such a good, kind caring person.

Anonymous said...

To the person(s) who feel this gesture of humanity has been wasted, I pity you your lack of empathy. You're what's wrong with the world, not the person born with Trisomy-21 leading to Downs. A picture drawn by a two-year-old seems to have more positivity to contribute to the human condition that what's capable from you. I sincerely hope you have the opportunity to interact with persons afflicted with Downs, autism, MS or CP, that such a person may help you realize how shallow and self-important you are.

To the post's author, thank you for standing tall with moral righteousness. Only together will we make the world accepting of all, and only together will we be able to defeat genetic and neurological disorders that hold back so many of our fellow men and women.

One love.

Unknown said...

you really are a remarkable human being. bravo for taking the high road, AND for going above and beyond. not many people would be so generous or have such restraint.

you are made of WIN.

Anonymous said...

>> Gene pool pollution is serious business please do not promote the de-evolution of mankind.

With new discoveries every day, perhaps soon we'll see something like:

"The DS gene also protects against radiation and leads to a terrific 6th sense."

And: "Meanwhile, the BG gene and some versions of the Anonymous gene lead to sabotaging of society with the aim for the ultimate subjugation and sterilization of all humans that don't walk and talk like Bill or Melinda Gates."

Anonymous said...

David, i sincerely hope one day you will experience the joy a kid with Down's Syndrome can give you.

And no, this boy was not worth your computer. You were the only one worthy of it. Please do us all a favor and stop using Linux. You don't understand it.

To the 4chan cockroaches here; well played. But succesfull trolling takes much, much more then just a shockmessage. Try harder, faggots.

Anonymous said...

You are a hero!

Anonymous said...

Now that is some kind of project.


Anonymous said...

I am appalled at that man's grotesque callousness.

And I am moved to tears by your generosity. I do not know your name, and I probably will never meet you, but I can say with total honesty that you are the hero we all should strive to be.

I wish I could shake your hand.

Heather S. Ingemar

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Unknown said...

Ref: Anonymous

"That's pure malice."

And your point is? Congratulations on recognizing the fact. Your folks must be proud.

To those it might concern.

There is little I have no tolerance for. Slothful behavior, cowardice, and ending a sentence in a preposition. One of those is an obvious lie. Just be smart enough to figure out which is which.

Given some of the statements here, that may seem a tall order for some. I wrote this out of rage. Not "anger"...not a sense of moral indignation...

I wrote it to vent. I wrote it to quell the absolute violence growing within me. Physical, horrible violence. I had no other motiviation.

However, instead of removing some of these offensive comments, I've left them up. I want people to see cowardice in it's true form.

Anonymous is simply "coward at a keyboard." You amuse no one with your shock why do I leave them here?

You forget my audience. Many of you are new here and I appreciate you reading my blog more than you know but...many of you are not new. This is a LINUX blog, While all are welcome, it is frequented by some of the brightest minds in the Linux Communinity.

Trouble is, some of those bright minds are also some of the most devious.

I note with pleasure that some of you did nothing to mask your IP address.

I have a sneaking suspicion that some here may come to understand what a Linux Geek is capable of. Probably not...but then again....

Hey, I'm just sayin'


kozmcrae said...

Hate is their drug, it gets them "off". Remove the thing they hate and they will find something new to hate. And so it goes until they are the last ones left and they must remove themselves to satisfy their hate.

So why go through all that trouble if, in the end, they will just "remove" themselves? Why not do it now?

Anonymous said...

That was very generous of you indeed, and this was a very heartwarming story. But do you not think it would be better if you'd put a Windows PC in rather than Linux? As alright as Linux is, I'm sure Windows would be more useful to him.

Anonymous said...

I applaud you HeliOS! I am also so proud to see you are from Austin, Texas!!!

It is hard to believe that there are still folks like David still around.

This got you a bit of reddit exposure, I hope it gets you tons of incidental donations. You are doing good work!!!

I wish I knew how to build computers; I would join you. It is such a worthy cause! And how rewarding it must be to help so many children! It is awesome!

Rafajafar said...

I do not see any benefit to giving a perfectly good computer away to a mongoloid. I don't care if there's some rare downy out there who can actually contribute to your community... he's the exception, not the rule. Overall, these people are wastes of our resources and time. If a mother chooses to keep such a child, that's her prerogative. We do not have to encourage such behavior by giving more free hand outs to these downy kids. Why didn't you just give him something shiny, he would be just as happy. Save technology for people who can use it, please.

David was right. You're naive.

-Collin (Rafajafar) Cusce

Anonymous said...

Wow. @ Both of the blogger and David.

I see no problem with giving a computer to a child with Downs' Syndrome.

However, there are too many children with major potential being left behind. And in that light, I can see how someone might be miffed that so much money goes towards these kids while there are so many gifted children born to poor parents who get overlooked because there's no "immediate sympathetic reaction."

Unknown said...

However, there are too many children with major potential being left.....

Collin was just the next kid in line. We build, furnish and setup computers for every disadvantaged kid that we find needing one. If, in my estimation, Collin was not capable of using the machine to it's potential, I would have given him an etch-a-sketch. I put too much of my sweat, blood and life into these machines to waste even one. Those who think I would give a good machine to someone incapable of using it:

1. - has no bloody idea of what we do or how long we've been doing it

2. - Makes the assumption that Collin wasn't capable of using it. Collin had gradients in the gimp figured out faster than most of you would...

Piece of advice - think before you type. Collin does.

And to the person who suggested I put Windows on these machines? Why would I go to the trouble of putting together a 1000 dollar computer then smearing the inside of it with excrement?

Linux is superior to Windows in 8 out of the ten measurable benchmarks...the other two better start glancing behind them from time to time.


Anonymous said...

David sounds like he's one of those 'chosen' people... Am I right? Am I right? Hmmm, I sure hope you don't give computers to 'idiots' with Tay-Sachs.

Anonymous said...

What David said was mean. What you did was stupid.

Anonymous said...

The child should have the computer if he can use it. If his condition were bad enough, it would be a waste because he'd have no idea what to do with it. In that case, they would be taking it away from someone who could actually put it to use, but I generally trust that if the kid couldn't understand how to use it, he wouldn't have a need for it and would not receive it. There are people with his condition who function and a rare few who are perfectly intelligent. If I didn't know that, however; I would be offended to hear it went to him because I would assume he had no use for it.

Beau Gunderson said...


I found this story through Reddit and am glad I did; what you did for Collin made my morning.

I donated some money to the project and hope that others will too.

Angie said...

You just made me cry. I wish I could help out in such a noble and charitable cause. People like you are the reason I have hope for this country, and children like Colin are the reason we need it. Thank you for providing hope.

Anonymous said...

Just read your post through Reddit and made a $25 donation to help you re-coup the cost of the computer (a little).

It was very nice of you to go out of your way to do what you did.

I've read a lot of articles on the internet and this is the second time I've ever felt compelled to make a donation (Children's Burn Foundation was the first).

Thanks for being so generous. I hope others will follow my lead and donate as well.

Rhianna SilEl said...

I'm the mom of an autistic child and I have to say that I totally appreciate what you did for Colin. Too many people think that because a person has a developmental "disability" they're somehow stupid or less intelligent. I've seen more intelligence out of my son and the children in his class at a local special needs school (some of whom have Downs Syndrome) than I've seen in the Davids of this world that I've encountered online and in the workforce over the years.

Keep up the good work!

Unknown said...


I am kind of new to Austin and found this story on Reddit.

Props to you, Sir. If I can at least help build some machines let me know. I don't have much money but I do have some spare time.

My own stories could never compare to the level of unselfishness that I see here. In spite of my own calloused character your enlightening perspective has given me a little hope in the human race.

Just being honest. Thanks for the opportunity to do so.

Anonymous said...

Way to take the high road, I don't think I could have done the same. No I don't think I would have agonized about it at all - I think I would have actually written an editorial and submitted it to Statesman (local paper).

Keep up the great work and don't sweat the small-minded people.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful dude... if only more people were like you - the planet would be a much nicer place at times...

To all the idiots abusing the comments; I hope karma works...

from Scotland with love.


Anonymous said...

Out this "David".

Rafajafar said...

I just received a post on my resume on my blog from someone posing under a fake email and url stating they sent my comment to my employer (big whoop, they don't care). This compelled me to come back and make some more points....

Do I dislike retarded people. Yes. I do. They're not "special needs", they're "special needy". I know this because members of my family are mentally retarded. In fact, one just recently passed away who had the mind of a 4 year old at age 45.

The problem I had wasn't that you gave the computer to the "next one on the list"... that I understand. What I still do not get is why someone like this even makes it on the list in the first place. Do you know how many gifted children are underprivileged or in need of such a computer? Why on earth would you ever EVER give them away to the mediocre, let alone the flat out inferior. Wow, he got some of GIMP down... faaannntastic. And there's gorillas who know sign language. Understanding technology and using it are far different beasts. Perhaps this was some sort of idiot savants, but I doubt that's the case in all seriousness.

This article doesn't warm my heart, it makes me mourn for mankind. What you did is so mindbogglingly irrational it makes my physically ill.

Good luck with the project, but I can't support it.

Unknown said...


I too ran into an issue similar to yours, but it wasn't a family member. It was a few people who went to the same school I did. As someone who used to be in special ed himself, what you said actually hurt. Here's the deal....

Their name was Jennifer. They were annoying as all let out. I couldn't stand 'em. Not for one second. Still, in the end.... They had no choice in how they were born at that point. They had no control. They could not say, "Whoah there! I don't want Down Syndrome! Let's ditch that extra chromosome!" Yeah, she annoyed me to no end, but that was the past, and I realized that they have no control over that part of their life and that part of themselves.

I know there are plenty of gifted children out there who don't get the chance to experience the wonders of technology, but we can't be acting elitist all the time. That was what brought about the downfall of the Federalist Party in the U.S. (they believed that only the best should be in public office). What you said in the second paragraph... oh man.... that had shades of eugenics in it. Here's a suggestion: instead of stating things along the lines of Nazi-style reasoning, perhaps you yourself could find the best and brightest and help them out instead of wasting your time complaining that the "wrong kid" was chosen.

...and on that note, you may want to do more research on Down Syndrome before spouting off like you did. There are some of them who do have a brain. There are also others who are quite physically able thank you very much!

@ the person who wants this "David" outed...

I would advise against it. Doing so would prove that we're no better than they are. If they want to act like an elitist as well, that's their right to do so.

Anonymous said...

I've read about enough of this and have to say my piece. Since I am personally and professionally involved with this family, it's time some of this was quelled.

The first order of business is to warmly thank Ken Starks for his work. I know of his many projects and his selfless involvement in this community is well known. Ken bends down to pick up trash around Town Lake just as soon as he will attend more aethstetic and pleasent social functions in our Austin Volunteer Community.

I am well aware of this childs "affliction". His Downs is more a cosmetic hinderence than it is a mental challenge and to listen to people make assumptions that Collin is mentally unable to use and understand a computer is to show the bigoted and intolerent attitudes of those individuals. Mr. Starks did well in giving this child a fully functioning computer. He needs to be challenged, not coddled. Nor should he be judged to be worse off than he is. Ken showed excellent judgement in giving this gift to Collin AND his family.

I am sorry that less than perfect members of your family burdened you sir. Quite possibly they were not able to use a computer. Collin is not only capable, at the age of 10 he has achieved a tested typing speed of 71 words per minute and his spelling is a full year above his peers.

Mr. Starks, I hope you will allow my comments to stand. The insufferable attitudes and assumptions posted on this wonderful story need to stay as well. Some of them left their names and hopefully their comments can remain here for all to see long after they've forgotten about them. Hopefully they may be tracked down from time to time and queried about their attitudes.'

Dr. James Dykstra
Austin, Tx

Unknown said...

@Mr. Dykstra...

Thank you for your comment and reasoning. If somebody is challenged they can improve. If I were to have been sent hat system that "David" sent to helios, I would have done the following.

1.) Bought a baseball bat.

2.) Had my camera on and recording.

3.) Proceeded to beat said system into oblivion.... optical drive and all!

4.) Posted the recorded video all over the place!!!

Luckily, helios is a much kinder, more gentler person than I am at times.

Anonymous said...

In one way or another we are all handicapped. Rafajafar for instance seems to be emotionally handicapped. According to Samuel Johnson "The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good." Rafajafar completely fails this test. I hope that someday when Rafajafar needs love and compassion, someone gives him a shiny new computer instead, because he would be just as happy with it, and we shouldn't waist our compassion on people like him, give love only to those who can use it for the betterment of society. Oh darn now I'm just like him.

Anonymous said...


This is a really interesting story, and it's enlightening to read the comments both on this blog and the Reddit article submitted. Many of the comments (for both 'sides') are well articulated and insightful.
Without being able to fully understand why David wrote what he wrote, it's impossible to make any good opinions on his character or logic. But I agree with the notion (alluded to by many commenters) that money spent on someone who is not able to utilise that money as well as someone else is, to some extent, wasted money. Based off Dr. Dykstra's comments, it's hard to say whether this concept applies in this particular instance.
But in a general sense (and this is moving beyond this particular example), if you're going to donate money/time, you should donate it in such a way that it creates the most 'bank for your buck'. In my opinion, giving goods/services to a disabled child/adult when there are other people who could use the goods/services to greater effect is a waste. I'm not saying that disabled people 'deserve' less charity than other people, but I do believe that in many instances being charitable to them (at the expense of charity to others) is a partial waste of resources. I look at this from an economic perspective, basically. Whenever you give a commodity to someone, someone else is missing out on that commodity - this relates to the 'opportunity cost' concept. In the real world, many people donate time/effort to disabled people which they would otherwise never donate to a non-disabled person - in that case, there is no 'opportunity cost' of the charitable act. I would say that most charity is of this nature. But if someone stipulates that they want their donated money to be spent in an economical way then I can hardly see how that is objectionable.
Props to anyone who has donated to Helios. As for you, Helios, I don't agree with the way you attack David, but I heartily applaud your generosity. You did a very good thing by helping Collin. I would keep in mind though that having committed such a good act does not give you the right to belittle others.

pshah said...
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Anonymous said...

@ helios

Thanks for your response and your offer of help if needed. No money, then. I've offered to do things for other people who donate instead, and I've blogged about Lindependence and the Helios project.

@ saul
Thanks for mentioning GCOMPRIS. I'm going to check it out this afternoon.

Anonymous said...

thanks for leaving the various comments up, even the hateful ones. comments teach:
it's interesting that for many commentators the standard of whether someone "deserves" a computer is related to whether they can contribute to the community.

usefulness is a dangerous standard to apply to living things. by this standard, applied narrowly, much pain is wrought. for example, habitat destruction (which leads species extinctions) is due to this kind of thinking...

usefulness is subjective. we seem to have a fetish for productivity these days, but it would be irrational to think i have all the information necessary to make judgments about someone's worth or future contribution. no one ultimately knows what living means, and opportunities to learn are in unlikely places, but many people would rather punish whatever makes them feel uncomfortable.

i'm glad you didn't do that.

maybe their reaction comes from the fear that there just isn't enough (computers, food, love, tax money, etc) to go around.
whatever the origin, it's a choice we make: to live in cooperation or in competition. i don't have much use for charity, which suggests that one person is giving up something and another is needy. but providing tools for each other seems like a good way to help create the world i want to live in.

your work, even down to choice of software, is clearly about cooperation. thanks for being an inspiration.

ojobot songriot

FelixTheCat said...

"I'm not saying that disabled people 'deserve' less charity than other people, but I do believe that in many instances being charitable to them (at the expense of charity to others) is a partial waste of resources. I look at this from an economic perspective, basically. Whenever you give a commodity to someone, someone else is missing out on that commodity - this relates to the 'opportunity cost' concept."

Hmmm...your first sentence phrase contradicts your second sentence phrase outright. Even cold logic doesn't bear out your reasoning.

For those that think a computer is SOOOOO stinking special it should only be reserved for "normal" or "gifted" people, that is so Nazi- and Communist-like, it is downright nauseating. A computer is a tool, people. Also, to use economics to downplay the giving to special needs is really anti-humanistic and quite judgmental in a God-complex kind of way. Trying to bean-count against a human life is the ultimate in twisted priorities.

What this is, Jim, is an expose on character, and I hope this is quite clear to you and others that don't quite get it. Ken and I both happen to be Conservatives and have a little different viewpoint on the whole thing, but there are quite a few Liberals that commented on the list that have the same stark reaction - what are you people thinking to put dollar signs ahead of a human life????? No matter how special-needs a person is, are you really THAT jaded????

Anyway, I have a niece that is autistic, and there are tons of software written to help an autistic child develop. From some of the comments, they'd prefer those kids be either aborted or hidden away from the world. Sorry, not in this country (and a good majority of the world)!

Unknown said...


Rock on dude! You said it better than I could have.


It seems you are attempting to argue your point from a Utilitarian perspective. However, the problem with said perspective is this: productivity, worth, etc... are subjective at best. Everybody will have a different view on what those terms are. What helios is doing does not involve improving a small part of his local society. He's attempting to improve everybody around him. He's trying to level the playing field for everyone.

Anonymous said...


Thankyou for responding in an intelligent manner - I love discussion of this nature :). As for the sentence you quoted, I think I wasn't clear enough. I don't believe that disabled people deserve less happiness. In my opinion, people should receive happiness in accordance with how much effort (and/or self-sacrifice) they put into creating happiness (for themselves and others). So if someone spends their whole life trying to make other people happy, even if their efforts are misguided/actually damaging, I believe they 'deserve' a lot of happiness. If someone spends their whole life trying to make themselves happy, without harming anybody else's ability to be happy, I believe they deserve happiness as well (although probably not as much as the altruistic person). For disabled people, I don't think they put less effort into creating happiness, so I believe they deserve the same amount as normal people. In the sentence you quoted I guess it would have been more accurate for me to say 'deserve happiness' rather than 'deserve charity'.
The next part of the sentence "but I do believe that in many instances being charitable to them (at the expense of charity to others) is a partial waste of resources". This is where I differentiate a disabled person 'deserving' charity and what is best for society as a whole. The disabled person might 'deserve' the charitable donation (e.g., a computer) as much as the next person, but if the computer will create more happiness for the next person then it should go to them, not to the disabled person. In this way, more happiness is created, even though it might not be 'fairly' distributed. My opinion that the total population happiness should be maximised overrides my opinion that people should get what they deserve - the latter I think is an ideal situation, but never to take precedence over the former.

I don't understand what you mean when you say this is an expose on character - do you mean that the way people comment on this reflects their character, or something entirely different?

"what are you people thinking to put dollar signs ahead of a human life?". I'm not putting dollar signs ahead of a human life, i'm putting the total population happiness ahead of a disabled person's happiness. It's not about the money you spend on the disabled person, but the effect you can have with that money by spending it elsewhere. I don't believe that disabled people deserve less happiness, but I think other people would get more happiness from the same amount of expenditure. It's important to remember here that in reality a lot of the money which is spent on disabled people otherwise would have been spent on something which isn't particularly 'happiness generating'. In those cases, the money is better spent on the disabled person.

Thank you for replying. I wasn't familiar with the term utilitarianism until you made that comment - my personal perspective is slightly different to utilitarianism. I believe that the contribution to total happiness summed amongst all persons defines what 'should' be done. I think the 'morality' of a decision is defined by the self-sacrifice made to create happiness. There may be an idiosyncratic difference in the way I semantically define the term 'morality'.
I completely agree with the subjective nature of productivity/worth/happiness. This makes it impossible to make definitive objective decisions of what 'should' be done. However in reality all decisions are imperfect - this doesn't mean that the decisions shouldn't be made. Decisions need to be made for society to progress/stay neutral/regress. For this reason, I believe my 'quasi-utilitarian' perspective to be the best I can use to make decisions given limited resources.


Anonymous said...

I made a mistake in my previous comment - "I don't believe that disabled people deserve less happiness, but I think other people would get more happiness from the same amount of expenditure". I should qualify this statemtent - in many situations the money spent on disabled people could generate more happiness by being spent elsewhere. Of course, in many situations this isn't the case. I couldn't begin to estimate how many situations fall into each category.

Amenditman said...

I'm giving you a standing ovation helios!

You've managed to stir up most of the 'anonymous' community, all without even trying. Some of these posters proving yet again why games are so popular, they just make 'real' life absolutely no fun.

You, my friend, are a genius.
Keep up the good work.

Now back to the "Battle for Middle-Earth" where I can relax without any stress inducing blather or meaningless conflict.


FelixTheCat said...


Computers do not have DNA. If one person gets one ahead of another, that doesn't mean another person's life will never be the same again. The next child will still get a computer to use for school work.

Also, if a child's life can be strengthened, and therefore the rest of society (assuming a child being strengthened enough to contribute meaningfully to society does indeed strengthen society), giving a computer to a child with Down's Syndrome doesn't seem to be such a struggle.

I have to reiterate, a computer is a tool to be used for whatever function is best suited for the user.

Jim, you didn't say this directly but many others did - giving a computer to a child with Down's Syndrome is NOT a waste since a multi-functional tool is given to a person that will use it to improve their own life. There are other computers to give to other kids who are in need; not giving them THIS particular computer is not "a butterfly beating its wings in South America could crate a tsunami in Europe" type of thing. It is the same operating system, the same set of applications available, the same person teaching them how to use it, therefore each child pretty much gets the same experience with a different tool.

Jim, don't forget that Ken ensured the child could use the computer effectively. From the doctor's explanation, Collin is quite functional and he was a very good candidate for a computer. I daresay folks who don't know about the child would be more apt to separate themselves using the same kind of logic and put quotients where they honestly don't belong.

Last deal: "I don't understand what you mean when you say this is an expose on character - do you mean that the way people comment on this reflects their character, or something entirely different?"

I do mean this blog in its original intent (at least how I understand it) served as an expose' on David's character. Once other comments started rolling in, one can see other peoples' characters shining through, good or bad, from their response.

Unknown said...


Keep in mind that there were plenty of views from 4chan as well, and many of them will argue for argument's sake. It doesn't necessarily equate to what their character truly is.

Anonymous said...


I think our opinions don't differ as much as you might think. I agree that in Collin's case, it does seem like he can use the computer effectively and productively for the betterment of himself and society in general. And in general, if a person with Down's Syndrome can get something and use it to better themselves and society, then that's great, and something to be aspired to.

I think I may have used wording in my original post which created an unnecessarily negative impression. When I said that charity spent on disabled people was 'wasteful', I should have said 'not as efficient as possible'. It might be easier to see where I'm coming from to see it not as a 'waste' of resources, but 'inefficient when compared to the best alternative'.

My point is that some tools (such as an expensive computer) which are given to children with Down's Syndrome (or any other disability) in general could have been given to other people who would have used it to greater effect. This definitely isn't always the case, and in fact it might rarely be practical. But speaking in general, I believe that there are people in society who could benefit more from an expensive computer than people with Down's Syndrome.

To give an example, who would be better off with a basketball hoop, a 6"6' tall person, or a 4"6' person? Of course, the taller person would be better off with the same resource - certain tools are better used by certain people . In the same way, I believe that in general, non disabled people could use some charitable donations to greater effect. On the other hand, if the disabled person can use the donation in the most effective manner, then the donation should of course go to them.

With this being said, I think that giving a child with Down's Syndrome a computer is generally a good idea, and can be really helpful. It can benefit them a lot more than some other children. I simply believe that there will always be someone else who would be better off with the computer. Whether it's practical to find that person is another problem altogether.

I should point out here that in Helios' example, who has 'never refused a request for a computer' noone else IS missing out by giving the computer to Collin. I'm speaking more from a global perspective and about charity in general. There are a limited number of resources in the world, and they should be used in the most efficient way possible. This is never easy, but it should be a goal of society to do this.

I realise that my entire post is couched in qualifications and general speaking. In my previous posts, it wasn't my intention to comment on the specifics of Helios' example, but to comment on charity in general. For any given situation, my general opinion (i.e., that many donations given to disabled people would be better off given to someone else) may or may not be appropriate.


Anonymous said...

Bah, another mistake in my last post: when I said "I simply believe that there will always be someone else who would be better off with the computer" it should be 'almost always'.

kozmcrae said...

I think I'm beginning to see the light. Instead of resources like, say, computers being used less efficiently by those with IQ's lower than say, 100. Let's relate this "issue" to something we can all understand: Money. Yes, money. The great motivator. So by the logic of "jim", anyone who can't afford a Cadillac Escalade should have all their money removed from their possession and redistributed to those who can more appreciate it.

Jim, if I want to donate some of my money to someone who is currently more needy than I, what businesses is it of yours? If it offends you that someone is giving computers to people you feel shouldn't be getting them, then start an organization that takes computers from people designated by you to be undeserving of them. But that would be illegal, wouldn't it? Better yet, make it legal. Lobby Congress to pass such a law. Well actually Jim, as I suspect you know, such laws were passed and since repealed. It's called Eugenics and it's a mode of thinking so vile that 50 million people died defending and fighting its cause. By collective agreement our society strongly disagrees with you. That disagreement says it all.

You seem to be getting a lot of attention here. Is that what this is really all about? I'm not asking you to respond, just pointing something out.

Anonymous said...

My late grandfather, whom I respected above all other men, once said, "I am only prejudiced against prejudice."

Christ enjoined us to love and treat every living soul, created by His Father to each be a unique being, as if they were ourselves. Would we hurt ourselves? Treat them with less than the utmost love and generosity we could provide from our hearts?

The Lord Bless you and Keep you;
The Lord make His Face to shine upon you,
And be gracious unto you;
The Lord lift His countenance upon you,
And give you peace.

Anonymous said...

As a parent of 2 mentally challenged and very talented young boys this really broke my heart. I would not wish this man a child of less than perfect because they would deserve so much better than him.
When you lay on your death bed..alone...and you look back at your life and if you have any regrets and question about when you may be headed I think you should be very afraid. Although every sin of man will be forgiven will you be able to forgive yourself?

Rafajafar said...

It's not emotionally retarded to think that this child should not be on the list. It's reasonable. And next time, if I get sad, maybe I'll go buy myself a shiny new computer to make myself happy. But oh wait, I'm emotionally retarded so sadness is a foreign concept to me *rolls eyes*.

Look, give it to the mongoloid. I don't care if the big tongued freak gets it. I'm just saying, if you're going to have people donate to your project, make sure they know their computer will go to retards.

As for all you rotten people who claim to have broken hearts... you cannot fix the world. You cannot fix reality. You cannot fix stupid. Stop whining, face the facts. This man had a valid point and you are too blind by your irrational feelings to give him the credit he's due.

I, personally, see no problem with post natal abortion on these downy kids. Call me a Nazi, I don't care. Society could only stand to benefit from it. But no, no what do we do? We reward them. Reward them for being frigging retarded by giving them hardware. Ridiculous.

Unknown said...


So not only are you pro-Eugenics... you're a racist to boot. Just cute. Real cute. It's also nice that you throw out red herrings at this point. Apparently you weren't paying attention when others were saying that the kid in question had a brain and they were capable of using it.

It appears that you sir (and I use that word loosely) are the one whining due to the fact that somebody else had the nerve, no the audacity... the unmitigated gaul to oppose your opinion.

"I, personally, see no problem with post natal abortion on these downy kids."

And the Rockefellers would agree with you there. It saddens me personally that there are people out there who still want to play the "Divine Authority."

Let me guess........

You were starved for attention as the relative(s) with their condition that you described seemed to be getting more attention than you. Does that sound about right? Well before you go all mopey over somebody you don't even know, might I suggest you watch EndGame? It's available for free on via Torrents and is on YouTube. You'll see one attempt of creating the perfected offspring, only for it to fail miserably!

Next time do your research before going off like that. You'll look like less of an @$$ next time if you do.

Anonymous said...


You seem to have completely misconstrued my comments and beliefs. Nowhere did I imply that "anyone who can't afford a Cadillac Escalade should have all their money removed from their possession and redistributed to those who can more appreciate it". I really don't see how you could think that I believe that poorer people should have their money removed from them - I never mentioned anything of the sort in my posts. I'm guessing you may have made a typo with the word 'can't', and meant to say 'can' - that at least I can see as a possible interpretation of what I've said.

You also imply that I believe I should remove the computers from people who I think 'don't deserve it', and give them to others.
You go on to imply that I agree with the practice of eugenics.

I understand the concept that I, as a human, am ignorant of the desires, circumstances, and needs of most other humans. I also understand that all other humans have these faults. I realise that I am not able to determine how the resources of the world should be used to create the most happiness. I have been talking about the ideal world, not a world that I think I am personally capable of creating - there isn't some huge delusion of grandeur like some of the commenters seem to believe people like myself have (not saying you personally felt this way).

If moving money/computers from one person to another created more happiness, then yes, I believe it should be done. But I understand the fact that it can be extremely hard to determine when this should be done (I've mentioned this concept several times). And I'm well aware that I personally can't do this particularly effectively. I have been talking about the ideal world, not a world that I think I am personally capable of creating.

As for the practice of eugenics, I'll be brief. If practicing eugenics made the total happiness of the world greater, then I think it should be done. But happiness is subjective, and humans as a whole are 'ignorant of the desires, circumstances, and needs of most other humans'. It's too much to ask of humans, even on a global basis, to determine which traits should be bred out - it's simply impractical. So I don't disagree with the theory of eugenics, but I would disagree with people practicing it.

BTW, I would appreciate it if you didn't resort to personal attacks. Misrepresenting what I've said and taking it to the nth degree does not make for a logical or reasonable discussion.


Rafajafar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rafajafar said...


You make so many assumptions. You assume that my support of giving parents of children with certain disabilities a free pass to abort means I support eugenics and that I'm racist. I do not and I am not.

You assume I was starved for attention from these relative. WRONG. They lived two states away, I hardly saw them, and when I did I was so disgusted that I couldn't even eat around them.

You assume I haven't seen Endgame, which I have. You assume I have no historical perspective. You assume I support that type of scenario...

And above all you projected your own feelings that someone has the nerve to disagree with YOU onto me.

I'm not going to restate my position. It's all there. This time, take the opportunity to read it before you get all hot headed and respond.

You are a failure. You failed to even create an argument that follows logically from what I said. In fact, you failed to add anything to the conversation. You just read what you wanted to read and reacted. My suggestion to you is to give up, you're not cut out for rational argument.

Anonymous said...


You did good. :)

Both with the computer and in not mentioning David's last name.

You'll have private email later tonight.

Anonymous said...

The sad things, tards aren't even good for slave labor.

Perhaps medical experiments?

-Ibod Catooga

FelixTheCat said...


I understand your reasoning, Jim, but I totally disagree with the foundation. Computers are not necessarily a limited resource; giving one computer to one person does not really deprive the rest of the world. In the context of Ken's posting, I personally believe you have missed the mark.

Having said that, I can appreciate your logic and reasoning. I'm told there is an entire philosophy built on such thinking - I think Nixed touched on it earlier. :)

Unknown said...

David is what he is and you are a kind and caring person. David does not deserve to be punished however and you did the correct call by not publishing his last name. That would have been clearly more wrong than anything that David did. He can choose to donate to whomever he wants or not to.

Unknown said...


You sure could have fooled me with the use of the term "mongoloid" and all. There's an old saying: "Judge not lest you be judged." Since your lack of exposure to people with said disabilities is now out in the open, one thing is obvious to me: You don't get it. You claim not to support the scenario given in said film (though I only pointed it out to you for the example of the two families who tried to breed superior human beings only for them to die off). Here's the problem: One of the families I mentioned agrees with you in that one can't fix stupid. They take it even further and ask, "Why not assume control?" Here's the problem: Collin is capable of thinking, a point you never even addressed.

As far as I'm concerned, one should not be angry at the fact that those with Down Syndrome exist. I personally am angry at how a good chunk of it came about. In other words, most of these issues are from external sources in the first place, and I'm not talking about the parents, but that's a rant for another day.

You are correct in that I was upset. I was upset at the fact that you judged somebody as if you were superior, when in fact you weren't. It was nice to withold the fact that those relatives of yours were far away from you. What else was I supposed to think? I only had a bit of information from what you said. So the next time you attempt to make any arguments, you may want to explain yourself fully.


I will give you credit where it's due. You have been polite, and for that I thank you. At least you didn't call Collin names.

Anonymous said...

@WE ARE *NIXED! & FelixTheCat

Thankyou for the insightful discussion, and for treating me reasonably and with respect, despite our obviously differing views. In particular, thankyou to WE ARE *NIXED! for mentioning the subjective nature of defining happiness/productivity - I have ruminated about this and will continue to do so as it is a very valid and interesting point to raise about utilitarianism.


Rafajafar said...


That's a mighty weak way to say you were wrong, but... apology accepted.

Unknown said...


You must be awfully high on something to believe that I apologized to you. What are you smoking, and more importantly, are you willing to share?

Amenditman said...

While all this has been Sooo much fun, let's settle down and concentrate on what's really important.

What does helios need from us to help him respond to Hurricane Ike?

First, are you ok buddy? Dry? Got power?

Second, can we help to organize supplies, both tech and otherwise, for the affected areas?

All you folks who've recently been so active here, please step up and chip in.

I live in Florida and remember with vivid horror the personal aftershocks of 4 hurricanes devastating my home in one season. I never even was close to anything like a direct hit.

I had no electricity for three days, people nearby had none for 3 weeks. When the electricity is out the city sewer and fresh water systems are shut down also, nuff said. So many trees were down we had chainsaw gangs going around and cutting up the trees and stacking them by the side of the roads to get the streets open for the power company/ambulances, etc.

Let's act like we care about our fellow man and step up and help.

If helios is unavailable, due to power outage, you can reach me at to coordinate our efforts.

God Bless

Unknown said...


Where helios lives, Ike didn't touch (Austin, Texas), so he's fine at the moment. He's in bed sound asleep by now.

Anonymous said...

That son-of-a-youknowhat....

The kid is here. He's in school. He's got a parent raising him and isn't hurting anybody. Therefore, I don't see why he shouldn't have a shot.

Similar things were said about black and chicano kids not so long ago. "Why waste resources on them?" said these bigots. I guess George Washington Carver must've been a "waste of resources", then....

I'd like to see this "David" individual dropped in the middle of Iran, Saudi Arabia, or Nigeria for a little while. You know, where "folks like him" don't run things. Might be a good lesson for him.


Rafajafar said...


The kid isn't black... he's retarded. Perhaps I am a bigot, but I think that's justified by his disability.

I think people like you are naive and should be banned from ever having any sort of control in your own life b/c you'll probably fuck it up.

Anonymous said...

I think people like you are naive and should be banned from ever having any sort of control in your own life b/c you'll probably fuck it up.

This is where shooting from the lip gets dangerous, LOL.

If you had ANY idea who was signing in by the name of "sum yung gai", you might not apologize for your statement...I don't think you are genetically wired for apology...the superman gene within you and all, and oh why does Nietzsche come to mind here...?

You would though feel awful dumb...oops, wrong again...I didn't see the "S" on your chest and the flowing cape.

There are more than a few who read this and DO know who he is. That's too funny.

my bad.

This guy is a troll of magnificent stamina folks...he will watch this thread for a year if he can, just to push buttons. My thoughts are leaning to allowing him some alone time with his own misery.

Ryan Sommers

Rafajafar said...

Nah, just to clarify, I subscribed to this thread due to some jackassery one of your fellow friends of kids with special needs decided to pull. I do not go around doing this, but seeing as these people think it's appropriate to mail threads I post to in my personal time to my boss (who didn't care), I thought I would make it my job to show you the light... you creepy freaks.

I don't care who SYG is, but I can tell you, he's not all that great if he spends his time defending the rights of idiots.

As for who I am, apparently that can be traced, so you go ahead and do that if you want. Other than that, just stop making so many assumptions of me and who I am, you freak. ;-P

Proof once more that you guys are just a pile of illogical suck.

Anonymous said...

LOL W/Ryan

He made your point for you.

Rafajafar said...

(I don't hate autistic children, just downies and tards... but this guy has some points)

Unknown said...

"but seeing as these people think it's appropriate to mail threads I post to in my personal time to my boss"

Got any proof of this?

Oh, and concerning SYG..... he once worked for a major software corporation in case you were curious.

Rafajafar said...

Odd that I would need to, but someone from (fake) sent me the following comment on my resume on my site, which I promptly deleted. However, the email record remains:
New comment on your post #5 "Resume"
Author : cholo (IP: ,
E-mail :
Whois :
Hey fuck head. I saw your comment about the Down's Syndrome kid. I hope you don't mind I emailed it to your employer.

Karma's a bitch.

You can see all comments on this post here:


They posted it from this IP:

When I tried to respond directly to this jerk, it bounced back. Apparently, your readers do not have balls enough to actually say who they are (note, I do). Also, apparently at least one of them is small, petty, and extremely self righteous.

Pardon me for being a troll, but I don't give a crap what you think. I have the balls to not let idiots like this guy try and force karma's hand. I really do not care if you disagree with me... that's the point.

Unknown said...

"Pardon me for being a troll, but I don't give a crap what you think."

Bull! If you really didn't care, you would never have made a comment in the first place, let alone respond to subsequent comments.

I personally would not have aimed to get you fired from your job myself. With that said, how dare you brush every reader of this blog with the same brush and assume they all acted like that. And this "pardon me for being a troll" nonsense: what a cop-out! I still noticed that you haven't addressed the fact that Collin is more than capable of thinking for themselves. You seem to assume that everyone with Down Syndrome can not function in society at all. Is that the case? Do you think all people with Down Syndrome are useless?

Rafajafar said...

First off, you are terrible at forming arguments. I don't care what you think... about me. I am pretty damn sure that was implied from what I wrote. Second, how dare I? How dare you turn down underprivileged gifted children for a downs kid? Lastly, how dare you have a problem with David's rational comment about what a waste he thinks you giving that computer away to a tard was? I think he had a very valid point. Maybe your "big hearts" blinds you to rational truth, but ffs... let it go if you're so much bigger than him.

Useless, no. However, they are never optimal choices for any position they take.

See, you and I have very different views of what functioning is...

Dogs are capable of thinking for themselves, but I doubt a dog will make this world a better place. Same goes for downies. While more likely to than dogs, they sure don't improve the quality and efficiency of society often, if at all.

It's more than an "odds game"... almost all of them wind up taking up space in group homes or burdening their relatives. If not that, then they hold low pay jobs and barely get by... often relying on others to help them progress through life.

Ya, I hate that. I hate that's socially acceptable and you people jump all over "helping them". You cannot help them. Wanna help them? Find a cure for being a 'tard. Do I find them repulsive? Yes. Am I numb to their feelings? Yes. Do I find honor in helping them? No.

Does that clear it up for you?

FelixTheCat said...

Well, that about sums up rafajafar's existence.

Next subject... ;)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


ruined by a Goliath named "Colin"... hahaha

Damn! how ignorant of this "david"

I salute you H for doing the right thing. People like this "david" are not worth of good recognition when he thinks of people or human beings, only as good or as "normal" like him.


Anonymous said...

And why do you help these children?
What do you want?
Glory? Admiration?

And don't say that you 'just want to help'. In fact, you are handicapping them; you're AWARDING them for being poor/retarded.
How old are they? 8? 12?

At 8, children don't need a pc. Sure, it can help, and it's important socially, but nothing really necessary.

At 12, they SHOULD earn it by themselves. Seriously, you can buy used pc just for 50$! That's one week of work for such a kid, perhaps even less.
(also, *all* parents can afford 50$).

Stop being such an egoistical messiah, and start thinking logically.

Anonymous said...

David's comments were wrong.
Your malice should've been taken up with him directly; here in fine too.
I've preferred it if you'd posted this David's surname. The Anonymous collective who agree with your actions would've quickly escalated and meted out a measure of justice.

However, a child with Down's Syndrome, regardless of their age or level of ability, does NOT need a high-end rig. You did not have to sacrifice the level of comfort that you did for this; your money and time would've been better spent helping as many as possible, rather than acting in sheer reverse-psychology lunacy against this one aggressor. I neither condone nor disapprove of your action; I merely wish that your future actions be more carefully reasoned.

I disapprove of "David".
I approve of your intent.
I disapprove of your action.
I hope this improves.

We are Anonymous. We act independently as much as we act as one. The value of brain-damaged meat (and the value of intelligent meat) is a divisive issue within our ranks. I hope you understand this, and are not affected negatively. Good luck in your future endeavours.

Anonymous said...

I think some misconceptions need to be cleared up now, since no one's actually gone and explained the (potentially boring) details of the medical condition known as Trisomy 21.

First off, there are at least four variations - not all of them involve a third complete copy of chromosome 21 in every cell. Some cells could be phenotypically normal (mosaicism); part of chromosome 21 could be duplicated onto another chromosome as an attachment (Robertsonian translocation); there could even be a partial duplication (though this is extremely rare). Not all cases are born of the same circumstance.

Furthermore, as not every case is completely the same from a genetic standpoint, (take, for example, a partial-duplication case) the outcome is never absolutely clear. It's perfectly possible for an individual with such a genetic condition to never have those genes processed/expressed outside of cellular mitosis. It's also possible for them to be expressed regularly alongside the remainder of their genome. There's no way to tell how the cellular process will evolve until development during normal growth is observed.

Therefore, to cookie-cutter all persons afflicted with any variation of Trisomy 21 as idiots and retards is completely absurd and bigoted. Yes, the description may be apt for a few, but it is not - by any stretch - accurate for all.

Mr. Starks, I applaud you, and would certainly love to hear how Collin is doing in the future.

Anonymous said...

John Forbes Nash - by your accounts "retarded" we won a Nobel Prize in Economics and was a master mathamatcian.
He was the subject of the movie "the beautiful mind".

David Helfgott, great pianist, (again from movie Shine depiction) would be regarded "retarded" by you.

Van Gough the painter, also have mental problems, (cut off his ear)

they in some respects seem retarded but it would be tradgic to keep anyone achieving what they can because of closed minds as yourself. (who says he should not of gotten a computer to use).


Anonymous said...

The poster who implied that a "gifted child" was somehow more entitled to receive such a computer than a person with Down's syndrome does not seem to understand one very fundamental point regarding your work.

Correct me if I am at all wrong, but I believe the reason you never say no is bourne out of a belief (which I share) that *every single person* is equally entitled to reap the benefits of, and be empowered by, computer technology.

Your particular mission is aimed at providing that opportunity to those children who are less fortunate than the rest of us; children are a group who are frequently unable to speak out for themselves, and disadvantaged ones more so.

I wholeheartedly applaud your work, and must confess my frustration that I reside on the other side of the Atlantic ocean, and am unable to personally clap you on the back.

Amenditman said...


You CAN clap helios on the back.

Publicize his efforts and the effort to reproduce it elsewhere. You and a few very dedicated friends could do this in your town.

Make a small, repeating contribution. Quaintly known in the States as BuckAMonth. But for you over the sea it could be named Pound or Euro A Month, or any other currency.

Thanks for the pat on the back, we can use one from time to time in between the shots between the eyes:-)


TGM said...

Helios, Awesome response to David, shows compassion still exists in our world...

Anonymous said...

Ken, you remind me of that episode of South Park. You know, the one with the giant crap? It explained how people who do good things can still be assholes. That's you.

You are all about dumping on other people to build yourself up. Whether or not you agree with the opinion of someone who donated a machine, making a blog post like this about it shows ZERO class.

Let me say what should have been said long ago, "Fuck You, you self-righteous asshole." You'll get what's coming to you, I can promise that.

Unknown said...


Let's see. How old is this blog post? And more importantly, why are you commenting on it now? I'm afraid the self righteous jerk is you (and oh, I see that you ignored the request to keep profanity out of the comments, so who has little class now?). If Ken wanted to really be malicious, he would have revealed the first name, last name, and contact details of the person in question. I'm starting to wonder if you are in fact the person in question, and if that's the case, why not just say so?

Anonymous said...

@ nixed

The dude's a waste case man...he goes by two different names I can verify right now and I am seeing there might be two more. Looks like he got lazy and forgot to change ip's on a couple of them. Two of the boo boo's took place right on this blog. As soon as I get some verification, I will send it to helios and he can do with it as he wishes.

Someone's Gotta be really angry to make mistakes like that. Helios can do that to folks, trust me I know for a fact. I hated his guts until I spent some time with him.

Amidst all his other ramblings, it appears he's made a not-so thinly veiled threat against helios. It's obvious he has no idea who Ken is. I want to be around to pick up the pieces when he does. THAT will be a rude awakening. Ken outed a horrible bigot and drew another one to the surface in the process. Not to mention getting tens of thousands of hits on this blog.

Oh MonsterMouth, I am a 27 year old female and weigh about 105 lbs. You going to come beat me up too? You going to make me pay? Your anger and frustration is so deep all you can do is resort to foul language and threats. Man that's gotta suck feeling that impotent.

You're just chapped cause helios has a successful blog and charity. You often go around trying to destroy non profit organizations for kids there pal? I work with Ken a few times a year and he's one of the kindest and most giving people I've ever met. So you don't like his blogging style. You have to curse and threaten someone for that? Last time I saw someone that angry they had dated their girlfriend.

You really need to look a little deeper into who helios is and what he's done in his life before you go threatening him. Aside from the fact that he's almost 60 years old and a 20 year military vet. Might be a real good idea.

Chelle Minkin

Anonymous said...

The guy's posted some pretty rude stuff about Ken other places too. Some of them in my opinion are actionable by civil suit I believe, if nothing else, liable.

I'd be interested to see who this schwartz is Chelle. keep us posted.

Heath Maire said...


You filthy-mouthed little boy. Your mommy should wash your mouth out. Is that all you can do is threaten? I am anxious to see how you carry out your promise. I can relate though lad. Impotent anger is the worst. You pretty much identified your entire character with that post.

Watching South Park while others are out trying to build a better world.

Now go on with you. The Simpsons are on shortly. Try not to be a bother, the adults have work to do.

Heath Maire - UK

Anonymous said...

@ Yonah

The name you've chosen for yourself is accurate. One could only hope you spend more time in the belly of the whale. It's obvious you are doing society no good out here. Then again, given your choice of language, you probably have no earthly idea of what I mean. Apt that this statement is being made on a blog entitled "wasted on an idiot".