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The HeliOS Project is now.....
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Thursday, July 10, 2008

T'was The Night Before Felton

It never fails...I always think I am forgetting something.

That nagging little...nagging feeling that makes everything seem about one beat away from being in time with the rest of your surroundings. It only happens when I am packing to go somewhere.

I'm crawling on the Blurry-Eye tomorrow morning and SouthWest Airlines will deposit me in one manner or another in San Francisco California. From there it's just a short little jaunt downwards to Felton.

Ground Zero for Lindependence 2008

As I pack, unpack, double-check my list for the fourth time; I think about an email that I received this morning. In one form or another, that email has been on my mind most of the day. I sway from dismissing it as silly and soap-opera-ish to honestly digging down into his words and seeing if there is somewhere deep down inside me that they fit well.

I've decided that the second is the case more so than the first. That being the case, I want to share it with you. The sender has been a friend of mine for over 20 years. We've meet briefly when time and circumstances allow...sometimes I go where he is, most times, he comes here. In it all, I have learned to listen to him. He's brilliant, funny, and focused beyond description on Linux being accepted on the desktop. Trust me...he wants it more than most anyone I know.

Here's what he had to say:


Listen man, I don't know where you are with this Felton thing. I mean in your head. I've read your articles and blogs about it and I have no doubt that you consider it one of the most important things that has happened to Linux as a community. But I don't know where you are mentally and spiritually with it. I might be sounding like a new-age loon so let me explain it the best I can.

What you are doing, you and Larry; is a task of immense ramifications. It can have immense ramifications, and it should in a right-thinking world. This being an intense election year, you might have hosed yourself in doing it now but hey, who knew?

I'll ask you this in a strictly rhetorical manner.

Do you see what it is you are doing? I mean do you really SEE it? Look, I know how hard you guys have worked on this and I know how long you have been doing it. I just don't want you to loose the real impact that this event can have while you are dealing with the minutia of day-to-day stuff. This is the first shot man. This is the Linux Community focusing on one relatively small group and saying to the world:, "This is the future and through this community we want to show the world how good that future can be."

"Or we are going to show you just how enslaved you have become to Microsoft."

Yeah, you have gotten a sh**** deal from those that call themselves Linux News Outlets, but look who you have gotten to notice you. Did you know that the Mercury News is delivered to One Microsoft Way every day? It's no little insignificant rag. If anything, this should show you just how inconsequential those "Linux News Sites" really are. The two of you have brought the focus of the world to this little town, and even if it's for a short time, you've still done it. It has taken true courage for you and Cafiero to follow through with this Kenny, authentic courage and I salute the two of you and all those who have seen the value of your efforts. I don't know many people who would have seen this through after some of the setbacks you two have encountered. Just tell those people that "someone special" says thanks.

Don't let those who take joy in criticizing you sway your attention or strength've got to know within you just how important this thing is. Ride it to the ground baby.

Eye on the prize my friend, eye on the prize. Your people are doing the things no one else wants to do and very few have the talent or drive to even attempt. Maybe now, they will see and learn from your efforts.

I'm still where I told you I was the last time and you know I'll be watching. Give Deb and the kids my love.


So. Eye on the Prize it is. I'm not at all sure I'm too comfortable with some of the things my friend has to is a pretty simple thing we've done. Listen to me say "we've done."

I've sat here and banged on a keyboard and made a few phone calls. Larry has busted his bum to see this to where it will be when I get there.

There's nothing "heroic" about it. Maybe he's right though...maybe now, others will see that no one was turned into a toad, no one died and no one was ostracized for their efforts.

Eye on the Prize it is.

First thing in the morning. If I take my attention away from this open suitcase, sure as shootin' I'm going to forget something. You just watch.

All Righty Then


Amenditman said...


Whoever this 'friend' is, you listen to him. He's dead on.

This thing you guys have made happen is like Reagan's first mention of the "Star Wars" program. No matter what actually happens this week in Felton, the rest of the software world is going to take action.

This has changed the world of computing forever.

The wall will fall!

Damn, I wish I was there.


Unknown said...

Hey man,

Keep us posted on what's going on okay? When you get back, I have a couple of ideas to run by you...