The HeliOS Project is now.....

The HeliOS Project is now.....
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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Short and sweet.

I had earlier posted that from the looks of it, we would have to cancel two of Reglue's programs this year, The 12 Geeks of Christmas and our girl mentoring program Gurlz-R-Geekz-2. Due to the response to this announcement and the generosity of people in the Linux Community, I am happy to announce that both programs are now back on. I will ship the first 2 12GoC laptops Monday to Geeks in in Houston Texas and Florida.

I would like to mention those who made this possible but I will respect their wish for anonymity. It was some amazingly generous 4 figure donations via our Paypal account that triggered these two programs to be jump started. However, I will mention my buddy and Linux Guru Beth Lynn Eicher and my super-good friend Larry Cafiero. They spearheaded an effort, asking for donations to Reglue in lieu of any birthday presents to them. 

Just Wow.

You folks are full of class and love. Thank you.

All-Righty Then


ebrke said...

Great news, Ken! Glad to hear it.

Volnei Batista said...

Really glad to read it too. Greetings from Brazil. Keep on doing this awesome work on Reglue! God bless you!

Gavin said...