The HeliOS Project is now.....

The HeliOS Project is now.....
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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

One for the Money.......

When Thomas Knight wrote his first fantasy novel, he announced that half of every book sale would be donated to our non profit,  That was not only generous, it was a selfless act as Thomas gains nothing by doing this.  Money that could go into his pocket, he donated to Reglue.

So it's probably needless to mention that Thomas is a good friend of our project...I guess you've pretty much figured that out on your own.

Never underestimate my ability to state and restate the obvious.

So after a brief writing respite, Thomas Knight dove back into the inkwell and gave us Legacy - The Time Weaver Chronicles (Volume 2).  This time he decided he didn't want to initially give half of his book sales to Reglue.

Instead, for a two week period, he is offering his first and second books for free, with a request that anyone downloading his book instead donate the 3 dollars to our effort.

We couldn't ask for a better friend.

But Thomas' generosity made me stop and think.  I mean it's great that a gifted author would donate the proceeds of his book sales to our non profit, but what am I doing in order to balance The Karma Scales?

I mean besides just sitting back and watching it all happen.  This is the information super either step on the gas and match traffic or get run over.

And who's gonna clean up that mess?

Then it dawned on me.....

School just let out for the summer here in Taylor.  There are dozens and dozens of kids that will have time on their hands and they will probably be looking for something to do.

I am in contact with several teachers here in Taylor Texas.  I am going to ask them to give me candidates for some one-on-one tutoring in basic computer repair and Linux...and I mean Linux inside out.

So I pledge, for every one hundred dollars that Thomas raises for our effort, I will give a
technologically-gifted student six hours of personal tutoring.

To be a bit more open here than I would normally feel comfortable with, I don't much like going out into public.  Even when I cover it with a bandana, I am uncomfortably Self-consciousness about this trach device sticking out of my throat and my rough, gravel voice.  I perceive it as my Scarlet Letter of sorts....a visible and auditory cue to everyone that I did stupid things to my body, without thinking of the costs and impact on those who care for me.

But you know what?  Even if I have to have this device for the rest of my life, I'll just consider it as the cost of doing business and the price of admission to my future.

A future I was told I didn't have not so long ago.

So away with the self-consciousness.  People will just have to struggle with my raspy voice and deal with it.  I will make myself available to any Taylor or surrounding area kid.  If they want to learn computers, how Linux works and even some scripting with bash, I will make that happen.

Because Thomas Knight is making this happen for us.


Thomas A. Knight said...

I'm trying, anyway.

Your kind words never fail to flatter me beyond what I think I deserve.

I'm just trying to make good things happen in the world, and Reglue is a great way to do it.

Just for a bit of clarification: I currently donate to Reglue $0.50/eBook and $1.00/paperback sold for *BOTH* books, and I will continue this with the third book. I'm hoping to have it out before Christmas, but we'll see.

Over the next two weeks though, I'll be making no money off my books, and hoping that what I would have made makes it into Reglue's hands.

Keep doing what you're doing, Ken. :) I'll keep supporting you in any way I can.