The HeliOS Project is now.....

The HeliOS Project is now.....
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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pop....Thump Thump - Oh Cr*p

I've learned to compensate for my loss of hearing.  The chemo therapy drug Cisplatin has eaten away at the higher frequencies I used to hear and has accentuated to low ones.  Bass in music can be over-powering to me, even set to low on the Big Bass Button.

So that's why I have to be able to discern what is what when I hear ambient noise.  I can hear the rumble of a train coming long before most, but a crying baby or the occasional shrill voice is all but gone from my auditory experience.

Diane thinks it's completely too convenient that my hearing loss includes the range of most women's voices.

I didn't say there wasn't a upside.

However, it can be difficult to correctly filter a lot of sounds, especially when there are many competing in the same small area.

Like in a car.

What used to be a low thrumming sound coming from the truck tires on our Ford Explorer, now sounds horribly I perpetually have low air pressure in one of the tires.  I've learned to realize that as long as those sounds do not manifest themselves as vibrations or thumps in my steering wheel, it's probably ok.

But Pop...thump thump isn't.

I heard it for the first time yesterday as I was turning into my driveway.  And yeah, I felt it strongly in the steering wheel.  It wasn't good.

Turns out, all good things come to an end and the long streak of luck we've had with our Reglue delivery vehicle will soon sputter to a halt.  Our mechanic inspected the front end of the vehicle and advised new upper and lower ball joints, stuts...pretty much a full rebuild.  While it may remain safe for the next month or so, the fact that this vehicle has over 250 thousand miles on it...I just don't feel that investing 2 thousand dollars in this repair to be the responsible thing to do.

So, as we now have non profit status, I am beginning to research the resources to apply for a new vehicle grant.  I know they exist but between my failing eyesight and a complete lack of knowledge in this area, I will ask those who are familiar with this experience for some help.

If you have experience with applying for grants such as this, we would appreciate some guidance.  The grant-writing process can be intimidating but I know there are many who have traversed this minefield successfully.

If you have some time and ability in this arena, we would surely welcome some help. 

All-Righty Then...