The HeliOS Project is now.....

The HeliOS Project is now.....
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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dispelling All Notions of the "S" Word


The internet is congested with people trying to raise money for their particular cause.

Most of them are legitimate.

Some of them are important.

Too important to be soiled by even the slightest hint of fraudulent intention.

Recently, a Reddit reader brought up the fact that scams have been perpetrated on an unsuspecting and generous the exact means many are using to help me.

I don't blame him.  Asking for some sort of proof is perfectly reasonable.   If I am going to give someone a substantial amount of money, I want to make sure that money is going to go to where it is supposed to go.....

Not to some jerk doing blow off the belly of an NFL cheerleader.

So with that in mind, and to assure everyone involved that this is indeed a legitimate, and ultimately a life-saving campaign, I have provided the below documentation of my disease with letters of confirmation and even a picture of my latest PET Scan.  I realize it won't mean much to the layman but a Doctor or Oncologist should be able to see it for what it is.

On behalf of Diane, Thomas A. Knight, David Rea, Matt Hartley, Zeb Swaim and his wife and countless others who have helped us financially or have helped spread the word......

Thank you doesn't seem to be enough.  it doesn't come close to conveying the warmth and love I feel for every one of you.  Some of you don't know me from Brad Freakin' Pitt, but you've stepped up in my behalf anyway.  For that, I am humbled to tears and while it isn't a fraction of enough.....

I want to thank you.

I did meet with my Radiological Oncologist today and he is calling me back this evening, after he's had a chance to confer with other associates.....there are only a few options available for me right now and we have to make sure we choose the right one.  Honestly, I literally do not have the time to make a mistake in judgment or choice.  My life depends on doing the right thing the first time.  The clock is ticking.  I hear it with every heartbeat.  

And should it occur that they discovered the lymph node invasion too late and My Personal Game Clock is winding down faster than any of us thought.......

Bring on that cheerleader.

Dr's letter

PET Scan Diagnosis 1

PET Scan Diagnosis 2

Actual PET Scan

All-Righty Then


rw said...

I don't think scams are more common on the
internet than they are in general: There's
an abundance of people in this world
trying to talk others in parting with some
of their money for all kinds of more-or-less legitimate reasons. Eg, take IndieGoGo: Their business model is to make people create 'web presentations' which will hopefully cause other people to send money and then, they collect their share from that. Is IndieGoGo now a particularly clever scam or isn't it? No matter how your particular issue happens to turn out, Paypal and IndieGoGo managed to milk some money from it. Consequently, I suggest that you don't worry about this: You and some other people have chosen to publish some stuff on the net. I and some other people have chosen to believe in it. There's no certainty to be gained here: Maybe 'you and some other people' deceived 'me and some other people' and in this case, I sincerely hope that 'you and some' will be seriously troubled by a bad
conscience everthereafter. But 'down that path lies madness' --- some things, actually, a lot of things, have to be taken at face value unless there's specific information to the contrary. IMHO, it is a lot better to assume honesty and get bitten by that from time to time than to assume dishonesty and get bitten by that all the time.