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The HeliOS Project is now.....
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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Is this thing on?

First of all, I'm not even sure if I am doing this right.  I am Diane and I am Ken's partner.  I am supposed to be "maintaining" Ken's blog for him while his eyes correct from the most current radiation treatments.  He cannot focus and he becomes ill trying to type or read anything with a back light.  All I am supposed to do is approve comments and screen for bad language.

What I am going to do is get into a lot of trouble.   I know that many, many people that Ken considers his friends read his blog and it feels strange sitting here writing on this screen.  He has written hundreds of thousands of words and I feel silly doing this in his place.  What I am here to do is talk about what is happening to Ken and try to help him a little bit.  Ken's medications alone cost in excess of 1000.00 upon release from the hospital but fortunately we were able to go into savings and get what he needed.  The problem is that Ken also spent a bit more than that on repair parts prior to getting sick but he was working so he did not worry about getting reimbursed for his output.  He is not and will not be able to work for quite some time and he is going to need a little help.  Ken is proud and won't ask but I will because he won't.  My son Adam has gotten Ken signed up for SSI and other assistance but it will be a couple of months before he is able to begin collecting or even go back to work.  What he really needs is just a few bucks to put fuel into the car to get back and forth to treatments.  I can get the rent and some of the utilities.  Adam fills in what I cannot pay.

I know I am going to receive a ton of wrath from this but his pride is outweighing his needs and I don't believe in miracles like he does.

I have a paypal account set up via the email  I hope none of you think badly of me for doing this.  Thank you for helping me take care of Ken.  I don't know how to really spread the word so if you would help me do so I would appreciate it.



eMBee said...

this thing is on, and you are doing this quite right. and no, you should not get any wrath for doing this. should anyone complain, send them here and we'll have a talk with them.

is the backlight the only thing preventing ken to read?

in that case can anyone get an OLPC XO to ken?

these things allow you to turn the backlight off which should make reading more comfortable.

very glad to hear news from ken. please keep it up.

greetings, eMBee.

Honey Bear said...


Thank you for the update on Ken and don't apologize for asking for help for him. After all the people he has helped, it is time for folks step up and to help him in his time for need.

Chris & Jerry

Amenditman said...


You are doing it right. Keep up the good work.

If Ken gives you any trouble about this, just tell him to take it up with us. We'll set him straight. I'd say keep him in line, but I don't know if anyone can do that.


Grant Johnson said...

Better to ask for help from us than from the Gov. Compassion trumps compulsion every time. If it were my choice, I would rather support him like this than through my taxes going to him by way of some SSI bureaucrat.

The short answer is that we need MORE of this, and less of the SSI type of support. It is more efficient (the money goes straight to the people in need) it is better used because those who need it set the budget, and it is given in love instead under threat of going to prison, so it benefits the giver as well as the receiver.

V. T. Eric Layton said...


You done good, girl!

Ken and I had a common friend and mentor, Bruno Knaapen AKA Bruno of Amsterdam.

I tried to post a comment to Ken's last article here, but could not get past that stupid Captcha that day. Hopefully, I'll have better luck today.

I am up a similar shit creek with regards to personal finances, having been out of work since August of '08, so I know from whence you come.

My own hospitalizations and follow-ups back in 2010 were made possible by State (Florida) and Federal Medicaid. I owe my life to the taxpayers (myself included) who support this program. I hope that there is some similar assistance possible in Texas.

Tell Ken to fight the good fight. Many, many people have him in their thoughts right now. Tell him I'm pulling for him, as are all the folks at Scot's Newsletter Forums - Bruno's All Things Linux.

And you take care of yourself, too. Don't overdo it and trash your own health. Ken will get better and when he does he will want you to be there.

Hang tough!

~Eric, The Nocturnal Slacker

Anonymous said...


You are the miracle.

(anonymous 'cuz Ken knows me from elsewhere)

Unknown said...

Grant, don't use Ken's circumstances as a means to editorialise.

You're being dismissive of all the work done by public servants to improve people's lives and improve the community.

Ken deserves what the community owes and that is government assistance and that of his friends, colleagues etc. Both are what being part of a community are about.

Put the soapbox away.

Anonymous said...

Diane, I just sent a donation to the Helios foundation for any way Ken needs it. Sorry, I don't do paypal. Hoping for the best for you and Ken :)

Joe Harwell

Anonymous said...

Done. Good for you, Diane, for giving us a chance to pitch in.

Roberto Alsina said...

I never met him, but I have always admired his work. So, hope what I just sent helps even a bit.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Diane... I don't do paypal either, but I use Zashpay so I can send you money via your email address (Zashpay would contact you via email will send you a link to sign up for a free account so you can retrieve the funds). Is the email address you cited the one I should use...??? ~ Sue-Ellen

Diane said...

Sue Ellen

I am not familiar with Zashpay but yet, that is the address to send it to. Thank you very much.


David Lally said...

Sorry to hear the bad news (been busy with moving house), and you've done nothing wrong. Asking for help is nothing to feel bad about. We all need it sometime. Hell, the Helios project helps those who need it, and I don't see them complaining. :)

Will check what's left ion my account in morning (3:20am here in Western Australia), only woke up to go the bathroom, and felt the need to check my mail and feeds with my phone. Only too happy to help if I can. Will know how much/little i can spare in the morn. Please give my regards to Ken, he is a caring man (and you a lovely woman from all accounts:) )and those who care are sure to reach into their pockets if they are able. Rest easy, both of you. Cheers. :)

Unknown said...

Thank you for posting this. Ken can be quite stubborn when it comes to things like this. I linked to this post as well in my person blog.

Anonymous said...

I've shot a nice chunk of change your way, you keep Ken in line if he tries to give you grief over this.

NoobixCube said...

I sent a simson through the Helios donation thing, too. I don't do this paypal silliness. I also posted on google+ encouraging people to lend a hand. When I was at my most depressed, reading this blog reminded me that there were a few good people left in the world. Ken is one of them.

NoobixCube said...

Wow, I didn't notice before, but Swype on my phone really mangled that a bit... I sent a _donation_, what the hell is a simson? :P