The HeliOS Project is now.....

The HeliOS Project is now.....
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Halle-Freakin-Lujah We are Out of Here

"It's like someone turned off half of your body."

That's how Diane describes the physical disability of a stroke.

Her balance is completely gone, as is most of her eye sight and physical coordination.  We currently live in an extremely small living space, about 400 square feet.  The 4 inch step-up into the kitchen and 4 inch step-down into the bathroom presented Diane with some severe fall opportunities and I held my breath every time she got up to move from one place to another.

We have made arrangements with her son Adam to rent a 3 bedroom, two bath house about 3 blocks from the HeliOS shop.  Having her son there will be a great relief for me.  There will now be two people helping to look after Diane's needs.  Trust me...I am thankful for the help.

There is no way Diane was going to be able to recover fully, living in the cracker box that is our home now.  Thanks to Carolyn and Jason Smith and a few other friends, we should be out of this "closet" by the end of the weekend.

A few people that knew ahead of time that we were moving asked if there is any thing we will need.  If anyone local has any usable furniture, we can more than certainly use that.  What we have now is serviceable but not enough to furnish our new place.  A decent vacuum cleaner would be fantastic as well.  We fully plan on having a house warming party in September so those that wish to attend, can email me and let me know.  We will announce the date a week or two in advance.

Again, thanks for helping us with this move.  Diane should be able to more fully do her physical therapy with the additional room.  Plus, the psychological chains this cramped and dumpy place wrapped around her will be gone.  Oh, and the picture on the left?  That's Skip Guenter's immediate reaction after I asked him to help us move.  I'm not feelin' real good about my chances here.

Did I mention it's three blocks from the shop?  Now I can go to work without worrying about not being there when she needs me.  That in itself is uplifting.

All-Righty Then


Paul Sams said...

Will it feel strange not having to scrape paint off the walls to get extra space?
Paul Sams

Tony said...

congrats on the great spot! hopefully it works well for you two. I tried to check it out, but the website already took the listing off, they're quick!

Thomas A. Knight said...

Wow! That's great news Ken! Congratulations.

It can be tough juggling work/other responsibilities with the care of a loved one. It's good to hear you'll have help now, and be closer to home in case she needs you.

Good luck! I wish I could make it to the party, but alas, the road trip would be too long.

Unknown said...

Yeah, they pulled the listing within 2 hours of us signing the lease agreement. I placed some photos up on the blog so you have some idea of what our new place looks like. Stay tooned to see the housewarming announcement.

Skip Da Shu said...

Ken, If you want it you can have that little Red Devil I have out at the shop.

Gavin said...

Good news all around! About time, too! Congrats on the extra space and location.

gagy said...

Well, what Skip is saying in this picture is:
"What! You want to use my Shelties to pull that trailer of yours during your move! You must be kidding me!"
I really really wish I could be there to help you.
All the best to Diane and you.

DaveL60 said...

Best wishes for this move benefiting you and easing your challenges. My father suffered a stroke at about age 64, and it created great challenges for my mother. Chin up, and good luck.