The HeliOS Project is now.....

The HeliOS Project is now.....
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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Community to HeliOS - We're Burnin' for You

Throughout my life, I've heard the term "It's either feast or famine".

And in some circumstances, I agree.  The Fates seem to amuse themselves by surprising us with an abundance of stuff, or stifle us with complete inertia.

In this case, we've found ourselves behind the 8 ball of sorts.  We have recently experienced 70 - 80 percent class sizes and have been asked from outside agencies for help in getting several computers either fixed or diagnosed.

What we don't have is the time to get the Linux live cd's burned.  Looks like we are going to need upwards of 50 for our immediate needs.

If you have time and the resources to help us burn these disks, we need to have these disks on hand within the next couple of weeks.

I know it seems a simple thing but with Diane still in need of 24/7 care and most of our volunteers either on vacation or working long hours, we don't have the resources to get these burned.

If you need us to pay postage, we will be happy to paypal it to you.  We will need about an even number of Linux Mint gnome DVD's and CD's.

And of course, thank you for helping us do this.  While we have some stockpiled, it will give us a chance to burn a few here and there and keep up with the demand.  You can send the disks  to:

The HeliOS Project
307 Ferguson Street
Taylor, Texas  76574

You guys rock.

All-Righty Then...


Anonymous said...

Do you need/want 64-bit or 32-bit versions of Linux Mint?

Unknown said...

32 bit is just fine. We don't much use the 64 bit with Adobe fading in and out of Flash support. Thanks a bunch.

Anonymous said...

Ken, I would be willing to pay one of those CD duplication, on-demand, short run services for 25 CDs and list Helios as the shipping address. Would this work for you?

As long as I am doing that though, might as well get my money's worth and have them print artwork on the CD face. This is something you would of course want to approve beforehand. If that is too distracting just tell me and I will think of something else.

Alternatively, I can burn a batch of discs, then print directly on them with my Epson R280 printer. That, combined with mailing them all out of country seems like it would work to be only a tiny bit less than what I mentioned above though.

Anonymous said...

Almost forgot. Could you please be a bit more specific? They have much going on over at Mint -Ubuntu based, Debian based, "OEM", "CD No codecs" versions, etc. Sorry if it should be obvious.

Unknown said...


Thank you...I think that's a great idea and I'd like to see what you have in mind.

We can use equal numbers of the regular Gnome 32 versions of the DVD and the CD. The Ubuntu-based ones will be fine. If it's either/or, the DVD's would be best. Here's the direct link:

Email me helios at fixedbylinux dott komm when you get the chance.

santam said...

Hi Ken as I had told you I had contacted for your CDs. They have graciously agreed to give you the discs free of cost !!. They just need to get ur mailing address and email that i am sending them. Also forwarding my entire email exchange to you. I hope this tides over the requirement for you temporarily