The HeliOS Project is now.....

The HeliOS Project is now.....
Same mission, same folks...just a different name

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

HeliOS Buillds Its Future

It wasn't long ago HeliOS announced that we had physically moved into our new home.  Although we do have a new facility, there is a ton of stuff to do before we can resume operations.

Now, keep in mind that the things we have to do involves carpentry and sheet rock skills....and that in turn involves the operation of power tools.

I believe we're up to 13 states and Tonga that prohibits me from touching them.  Some of them have filed a restraining order that keeps me at least 200 yards away.

With my limitations well-known, Skip Guenter, along with his sons Tyler, Jesse and other volunteers took on the task of getting a wall built that will house our work shop and storage area.  In that we have been given this building for three years, getting these modifications done is a necessity.  Before we started, it was just one big, long space.

Skip and company did an excellent job in getting the framework up...considering the floor was as level as Tony Soprano's business practices.  The big task was getting 12 foot sections of sheet rock transported to the site and then getting the sheet rock into the building.

You ever handle sheet rock?

It will find any occasion to break, chip, crack or cause another reason to make you go back and buy another sheet.  As a combat engineer in the US Army, my job was to handle explosives and  blow stuff up..

I'd rather handle explosives.

With six guys, plus Skip and me, we got the sheet rock to the new HeliOS building and got it unloaded.  We will probably start hanging it this evening or tomorrow, then the fun part starts...we get to find someone who knows how to tape, mud and float.

Quick hint...that would not be me.

So take a peek at some of the shots we took during the building process so far.  With any luck, we'll be finished by mid-May.

The Grand Opening is on the 4th of June, at 307 Ferguson Street, Taylor Texas.  There will be food and drink as well as raffles for three computers and a 50 dollar gift card donated by Diane Franklin.   I envy the person who wins this as it's for an extremely nice eatery in North Austin. We'll see you there.

Ron West, our HeliOS Project volunteer of the year, bangs in the last nail to finish the framework.

 The finished framework

Ron and Skip troubleshoot a small shuttle computer after the work for the evening is done.

The most valuable tool in a Geek's toolbox when debugging a Windows computer.

All-Righty Then...


JRaz said...

Looks like 5 tools missing. :) Glad to see the progress.

Amenditman said...


I used to be really good at mud, tape, and texture. I could come and teach your volunteers to be good at it. Since the accident, no working for me.
At least I think I could, they appear to be at least as smart as the "professionals" I learned from.

Seriously, it ain't rocket science or hacking on the kernel. Patience and a little know how is all it takes.


Gavin said...

Yay for building!

I am allowed near power tools, but no one is allowed near me when I have power tools. ;) Wish I could be there to help. Or hinder. Whatever.