The HeliOS Project is now.....

The HeliOS Project is now.....
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Friday, January 07, 2011

The Right Geek Skills Can Make You a Troublemaker...

Alan Jones has traveled a long way to be here.  His route is as interesting as it has been long.  From Australia to London, a prolonged stay in Santa Barbara and then, to Austin...

What a long, strange trip it's been.

He plans to be here for a while.  He's got a sweet gig.

Alan is the R&D Supervisor for Troublemaker Studios and he works for the well-known Robert Rodriguez.  Rodriguez is a film director, screenwriter, producer, cinematographer, editor and musician.  From movies that fit comfortably into the Walt Disney template...for instance the Spy Kids movies, to gritty thrillers like Machete and Grindhouse, Rodriguez has succeeded in making movies people want to see...

And he does it with a style that is, let's say...different.

I mean Cheech Marin as a priest?  Really?

Robert Rodriguez pulls it off beautifully.

Wouldn't it be fantastic to work for someone like that?

Well, there is a strong possibility that 1 - 4 Geeks could have that chance.

Alan Jones is going to hire people with C++ and SQL talents and he's asked me to put the word out.  What follows is the call for resumes and interviews.

Me?  Please...C++ was what I got in Trig.

See below for the information about getting a gig with Troublemaker:

We are currently looking for programmers for a 3-6 month contract
on-site at Troublemaker Studios in Austin, Texas.

The following experience criteria apply

Expert level:
* C++
* Qt (4 - ideally including up to 4.7)
* SQLite 3

Familiarity with:
* Cross platform development - Linux will be the primary target, but
OS X and Windows will also be required
* Network communications (esp ssl, compressed data streams, and serialization)
* CMake

* CTest, CPack, and CDash
* DAGs (possibly Boost Graph Library)
* OpenGL inside Qt (libqglviewer a bonus)
* ffmpeg
* clustering

The projects to be developed under this project are to be licensed
under the AGPLv3, and you can find some details on the projects at

In-progress development documentation is available for Strife under
its git repository for those interested in reading more details about
the project.

Please send applications and inquiries to

All-Righty Then


Anonymous said...

It's "Rodriguez" not "Todriquez"

Unknown said...

where are you seeing "todriquez"?

Anonymous said...

"Tawdry K's" sounds like the name of a ska band.

Unknown said...

Now where in the heck were they when I got effectively laid off from Polycom this December?

Oh, well, doing medical equipment software for the next 12-36 months isn't a bad thing.