The HeliOS Project is now.....

The HeliOS Project is now.....
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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Be Teh G33k of Teh W33k

The Blog of helios has been in existence, in one blog format or another since 2005.  Now in general timelines, that isn't much.  In the blogging world though, it's a moderate success.

Success being relative.

I've often stated to you my reasons for writing this blog.  It isn't to bestow upon you my opinion...

It's because I want to learn from yours.

Many of you have concluded that I am some geek extraordinaire, laboring at this machine for hours, squinting at 4 open terminals and writing scripts to cure heartburn and the occasional nasty bout of gout.

As much as I would like to take a bow for doing so, nothing could be further from the truth...

You think I got the nickname "General Parsing Error" on a whim?

The comments on this blog hold intellectual gold.  People like Carla Schroder, Derrick Devine, Richard Stallman, Joe Brockmeier, Caitlyn Martin, Robbie Williamson and Glyn Moody have left insightful and well thought-out comments here.

They don't always agree with my point of view, but isn't that the point?

We're supposed to grow beyond our limited perspectives.

So starting a week from today, The Blog of helios will publish Teh Geek of Teh Week - Your Name Here...

And stop it...I've already cycled through all the jokes mentally.  None of them end well.

If you have something insightful, interesting or moderately pertinent to say, let me know and I will submit it on the following Tuesday.

That's the day for Teh Geek of Teh Week.

Batter up.

And oh...speaking of opinionated people with excellent writing skills and a long-suffering, tortured soul...

Congratulations to Larry Cafiero and his World Champion San Fransisco Giants.  If there were ever an example of second effort and tenacity, they are a textbook case.

Never give up.

They did the damn-near impossible and they did it with style.

All-Writey then...


Gavin said...

This sounds fun! I have LOTS of opinions! ;)

By the way, nice little joke at the end there. "Writey" - haha!

Unknown said...

Heh... Some of the more prominent people are very opinionated- but thankfully, they also have facts to back up many of those opinions.

Nifty idea, Ken. I like it.

I'll try to frame in my thoughts to kick this one off with a bang- right now, I'm just a wee bit tired from trying to get the bugs stomped at work, trying to get my horses through the US Arabian Nationals, and getting Caster's Chapter 2 and Cortex Command out the door all at the same time. (It seems I've overbooked myself for this month...)