The HeliOS Project is now.....

The HeliOS Project is now.....
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Monday, August 30, 2010

Movin' On...

We've been fortunate enough in the past 8 months to have our work and storage facility donated to us.  Because we remain largely unfunded, we are not able to actually rent or purchase a place for The HeliOS Project.  LT Autocare was good enough to give us space to work and for that we are grateful.

But, Business only grows if you grow it right.  LT Autocare is going use the space we currently inhabit within their shop to put in an alignment rack.  That being the case, we need to get our stuff together and prepare to move to another facility.

The first part of that procedure is to take care of our substantial amount of E-waste we have collected.

We have a bunch of it.

On September 18th, which is a Saturday, a local Boy Scout Troop is going to help us to get this done.  If you have that day open, we could use some help.  Most of the day will be spent in loading older, unusable equipment into pickups and cars and taking it to ERT out by Decker Lake.

We use ERT because of their commitment to do electronic recycling right.  Many electronic recyclers do nothing more than load the E-waste into Conex boxes and ship them to China or India.  That's not right and we're not going to do business with anyone who does business in such a manner.

The idea is to lessen the electronic waste footprint on the earth, not just our corner of it.

So, if you could come out, we would enjoy your company.  If we can, we will provide drinks and a pizza lunch for those who participate.  Also, those who come out that Saturday can have their pick of any item we have.  That's just our way of saying thanks to those who help us.

If you know of anyone in the commercial real estate business, tell them about our homeless status.  We are working to become our own 501(c)(3) and should have that done shortly.  Anyone donating space to us should be able to gain a tax deduction from it.

The event will be held at:

2009 North Ranch Road 620
Building 530
Lakeway. Texas  78734

We're looking forward to seeing you.

All-Righty Then


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that you have to move...that is never fun. Not sure how much help I would be (due to poor health), but if I lived in the area,I would do what I could, Though I have little cash to spare, you can expect a donation within a few days. Good luck!lamph

FelixTheCat said...

I'll be there. Hopefully it won't be a hundred degrees like it's been the past few weeks.

Unknown said...

Thanks buddy...that's why we picked the third weekend in September...hopefully we won't have any spontanious combustion in the warehouse. Took us two weeks to clean the scorch marks from the last time.

gsteenss said...

Glad to hear you have the environmental angel correct... also...
keep up the good work!