The HeliOS Project is now.....

The HeliOS Project is now.....
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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Get Your Shirt Together With The HeliOS Project


Thanks to Skip Guenter, we have HeliOS Project T shirts.

Not many, but enough to let you know we have them.

For those of you who do not recognize our T shirt model, you might be surprised.  Beth Lynn Eicher of Ohio Linux Fest fame recently visited Austin on business and was kind enough to spend the evening with Skip and me at our Ultra Secret Testing Facility in Hutto Texas.  After taking her on the Grand Tour of our main facility in Lakeway Texas, we made the 1 hour trip all the way out to Hutto to just kick it and talk Linux stuff.

Beth Lynn has forgotten more about Linux than I will ever learn.  One does not get hired by Carnegie Mellon University with less than a stellar resume.

...and a crazy-mad set of skills...I mean CMU  IS one of the top Schools of Computer Science in the world.

We thought of it as a fitting gesture (I am so sorry...) that Beth Lynn try on one of our shirts and  model them for The Blog of helios.

Again, these T shirts are available thanks to Skip Guenter, our Director of System Engineering.  Skip paid for the shirts and printing out of his own pocket to make this possible.  Skip will be handling your order via his Paypal account (sorry... I know they suck but they are all we have right now).  We will work out a more permanent way of doing this if the need dictates.

This is a trial run for us so we have simply set it up as a first-come, first-served sort of thing.  Due to initial inventory and setup costs, we've only ordered a small number to get us started.  The shirts come in ash and sand colors.  They are Haynes no-tag shirts and stand up well to washing.  All of them have "The HeliOS Project" on the back with our distinctive tag line underneath it:

"A child's exposure to technology should never be predicated on an ability to afford it."

It is also in Spanish under the English phrase.

As you will see, some of the T shirts have "HeliOS Project Crew" on the front and some of them simply state " HeliOS Project".  Please make sure you specify which one you want along with your mailing address in the order.  Skip is handling the shipping himself so they will be shipped quickly.

Cost per shirt is 12.00.  Please add a dollar for XXXL  as that's the cost passed along to us for larger sizes.  We will be shipping in USPS flat envelopes, priority mail.  Shipping costs are as follows:

1 shirt - 5.00

2 shirts - 7.50

3 shirts- 10.20

Currently we have 1 XXXL in the regular Helios Project in sand and 1 XXXL in ash (gray) with HeliOS Project Crew.

13 XXL regular HeliOS Project in Sand and  12 XXL in ash with HeliOS Project Crew

 In XL we only have 9 in ash and they are the ones with HeliOS Project Crew.

You can send payment via Paypal to Again, make sure you specify shirt type, color  size and shipping address in the comments bracket of the Paypal page.  Should we run out of inventory by the time we order, your payment will be refunded promptly and we will post if we order more.

 I apologize for the PayPal-only option. I know they stink and I know you know they stink.  We will amputate them from our business practices as soon as possible.  We will offer other payment options should these T shirts sell well for us.  Our profit margin here is pretty slim because we want everyone to be able to have one. 

Of course, those profits will go to fund The HeliOS Project.

I've always thanked you for being part of what we do.

Now you can proudly wear that fact.

All-Righty Then


Gavin said...

Woohoo! I want one!

But which size is what size? What I mean is, what size is Beth wearing in those pictures? If the sizing starts at XL... =P that makes it difficult to judge. What size fits you, Ken?

Unknown said...

LOL...what fit me 6 months ago isn't a good measure as to what I wear now...I've gained 40 lbs in a year.

Beth Lynn is wearing a size large but we only had a couple of them and they are gone. I wear an XL now myself. I'm 5'9" at 190 lbs if that helps.


Skip said...

5'10" @ 94kg (sounds so much better than 207lbs) = XXL

Unknown said...

That would be 205 lbs thank you...


Anonymous said...

The slogan in Spanish is a nice touch Ken. Gracias.

propwashz said...

If you use the flat rate boxes from the post office (boxes are free) the shipping would be cheaper for you,with two day delivery to most places...same rate for however many you can fit in the box....

Unknown said...

@ propwashz.

That's what we thought. Right now these are the shipping envelopes (free) and shipped priority mail. The difference between priority and flat-rate shipping two-day is less than a dollar.

Anonymous said...

Beth Lynn Eicher modelled your shirts? Why? Were Linus and Richard busy that day?


Anonymous said...

I was going to ask you why you did not include the HeliOS Project logo then I found out what that would cost per shirt. Never mind.


Anonymous said...

We thought of it as a fitting gesture (I am so sorry...) that Beth Lynn try on one of our shirts ...

Dude that's bad. You should be brutally PUNished.