The HeliOS Project is now.....

The HeliOS Project is now.....
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Twenty Computers in Twenty Days...

A dry spell, whether it's a true lack of rain or more metaphorically, a slowdown in business, can be a reason for concern.  We've pretty much exhausted our computer stock and there hasn't been much to do lately for The HeliOS Project.  I don't much like standing still.

Can't give away what you don't have....

Wait just a second, what's this???

Well look what we have here.

A perfect storm of sorts took place at Latitude: HeliOS  Longitude: Project this week. Tony, an IT guy for a local business has donated us 22 P4 computers that are ready to go.  These are some pretty decent computers.  With a waiting list of kids growing every month, this was indeed great news.

But oh gets better...

Teenya Franklin of contacted us and wanted to know if we were interested in picking up some components and peripherals that had been donated by Dell.

There are approximately 180 hard drives, 150-some speaker systems, some much-needed cabling and surge protectors...dozens of them and other cool stuff.  My mental response was:

Ya think?

My verbal response was more respectful and measured.  We have a truck laid on to pick the stuff up on Thursday.

This puts us in a good position to do some good things.

I want to install 20 computers in 20 days.  One will be a multiple install at a group foster home, others will be individual far anyway.  I am going to do each install personally.

We have the kids, we have the stuff, we have the time...

We simply need for each install to be sponsored in order to get it done.

It's going to cost, as it always has, about 25 dollars per install.  That pays for fuel and the various parts we may need to get the computer set up in the home.  Without sponsorship, we just cannot do it.  Things have been tight.

If you want to help us get this done, you can do so here under our non profit umbrella.  We will publish a blog a week with names and pictures of those who received HeliOS Project computers as well as the sponsors of that install.  It will probably be about 8-10 days from today until we can start doing the installs so if you want to be part of what we do, I would personally appreciate it.

On another note...

Many of you remember last August when I was hospitalized with exhaustion and dehydration.  The three weeks I was hospitalized and the next two months I was bed-ridden really cut a hole in our functionality.  I want to personally and belatedly thank some people who stepped forward during that period.

A lot of things just did not get done in that period and I was not able to blog much or do much during that time.  There were people that  helped us out during that period that did not receive much-deserved mention and I intend to do a blog about those people here shortly.  I know there have been some ruffled feathers and hurt feelings about some of this and I hope to, if not make things make it clear why we had so much down time.  No one was purposely slighted or ignored with any intent.

We'll talk about this soon.

All-Righty Then...


Kevin (Whizard72) said...

Pentium 4s are actually still nice pieces of kit, they can do all the general tasks plus media playback.

I have an IBM Thinkpad T40 that has an Intel Pentium M in it, it's got roughly the same performance with lower power consumption especially with laptop-mode configured and 2GB RAM.

definitely powerful enough for a media junky and software dev like me. =)

Kevin (Whizard72) said...

In other news, Microsoft is releasing Office 2010 soon. The price? $279. Now one can get an OEM version for less but you have to buy hardware with it and even then it's still far more than one can justify for something they only use on occaision.

Does the greed at M$ know no limits? I guess not.

Amenditman said...


Pentium M laptops are great once you upgrade the RAM. Most came from the manufacturer with 256 or 512 MB.

They can be seriously fast for a Pentium 3 single core. I carried one for many years as a Linux demonstrator. A lot of people were impressed with that old things performance.

Kevin (Whizard72) said...

Yeah, Really liking my Thinkpad T40 with Ubuntu 9.04 on it, It's greatest weakness is the ATI Radeon 7500 GPU they put in it. It works fine I guess but Desktop Effects interferes with SMPlayer switching to fullscreen and has other artifacts. Sure wish it was as easy to change the GPU as it was to change the WiFi chip out. (swapped out the Cisco 802.11b for an Atheros 802.11g) I think my next laptop will definitely have an NVidia GPU, I love their driver support for Linux but ATI is getting really good lately.

Anonymous said...

Ken, if you need some help with this please let me know if I can be of service.