The HeliOS Project is now.....

The HeliOS Project is now.....
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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Needed - Computers for Disadvantaged Kids

It has been our pleasure to meet the computing needs of disadvantaged kids in the Austin Area for 4 years now.  From time to time we run low on equipment and I want to appeal to this community to give us a hand restocking our inventory.  We've begun to run low.  We have enough equipment to meet our next two obligations but after that, we will be needing your help.

The HeliOS Project maintains our non profit status under Software in the Public Interest and all donations to our effort are tax deductible.  We have had some great response in the past by asking corporates to clean out their back rooms of computer equipment.  If you know of such a corporation or work for one, please pass this link onto the powers-that-be.  We will be able to use that equipment to do the work we do.

We have some specific parameters as to what we can use and a list of things we need immediately.  You can go here to see what we need most to do our job.

We will also be having a brass plaque made for the entrance of the Bruno Knaapen Technology Learning Center.  Should you be able to give us a hand getting this done, we would appreciate it.  We also have a few Directors that have spent out of pocket money on projects and I would like to get them reimbursed.  right now, we don't have the funds to do so.

I want to take a moment and sincerely thank those that have supported our project to this point.  Your contributions, whether financial, logistical or  by being a volunteer has made it possible for us to continue.

And as most heart-felt gratitude goes to the Linux Community.

All-Righty Then


FelixTheCat said...

Ken, I betcha this would be a good time to recount how many computers have been handed out. :)

Unknown said...

To date, we have given our kids 1066 machines. That does not count the 46 pending once we get some donated machines in.


Amenditman said...

Does that 1066 include the post hurricane school in south Texas? Or any of the installs in institutions and public places like Space 12?

Just wondering if these are included?


Bhaskar said...

There are certainly many boy scout troops in the Austin area, and boy scouts need to plan and execute a meaningful project in order to earn the rank of Eagle Scout. One possible project is to collect old computers from neighbors and businesses, wipe the hard drives, install GNU/Linux and then give the computers to kids who don't have them, including training them on their new computers. One of the scouts in our troop is indeed doing such a project right now. Perhaps you can work that into the Helios Project. Feel free to contact me by e-mail if you want to discuss it further.

I am a GNU/Linux user (I have been using it as my primary desktop since 1999 at work and at home), a retired assistant scoutmaster, a mentor to scouts working on Eagle projects in our troop, a parent of scouts and a merit badge counselor in Pennsylvania.