The HeliOS Project is now.....

The HeliOS Project is now.....
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Saturday, February 06, 2010

The Bruno Knaapen Technology Learning Center is Established

It was just a short time ago that Scot Finnie announced a long-time Linux Advocate had fallen terribly Ill.  His name is Bruno Knaapen and he is the author and maintainer of  We wrote about Bruno at Blog of helios and told you that we planned to dedicate a technology learning center to him.  I began speaking with different people about various possibilities and locations for the center.  It became obvious after a short time that we were not going to be able to find a suitable place any time soon.

I feel a sense of urgency in getting this done and after almost a month of frustrating meetings and disappointments, it occurred to me that the answer was right under our fingertips.

As we've written about this week, The Christo Rey Catholic Church houses a 25 computer learning center for the residents of East Austin.  The HeliOS Project provided the computers and manpower to make this place a reality.  This center serves the disadvantaged people in the area and we are proud to provide instructors and volunteers to teach computer classes there and maintain the equipment. 

I had a meeting with Christina Collazo, the Director of a non-profit, Centro de Aprendizaje ¡Sí Se Puede! that serves this church and the surrounding community.  She agreed that the answer was simple.

We will dedicate this learning center to Bruno Knaapen.

Father Jayme, the leader of this church gave us his blessing for this dedication and his church offers prayers for Bruno and his family.

The Bruno Knaapen Technology Learning Center will actively seek those who need computer and technology training.  We will not only focus on technology training but assist those who seek employment and teach them resume and job search skills.  We will also maintain our focus on teaching children the skills they need to compete in this technology-centered world.

As Bruno has done for years, so shall we follow in his footsteps, bringing awareness to those who seek it. 

We hope to have the banner in place next week.  Anyone who cares to help us upgrade some of the equipment and help us get this done is encouraged to do so.  There are several things we will be needing.  Specifically, we are in need of a decent digital camera, (We now have a camera thanks to our long-time friend Gavin) 512 sticks of pc133 laptop ram, desktop ram of all kinds in 512 megs and up, computer speakers and external usb cd/dvd writers.

Bruno has shown us the importance of tenacity and courage.  We will simply provide a place where those lessons will live on.

All-Righty Then...


Gavin said...

I just bought this for you:

A recertified Polaroid i1035 Titanium digital camera. Being a Saturday, it probably will not get to you until the middle of next week, but at least you can check something off that list!

Doing my part to make sure the Linux community steps up to the plate and keeps on swinging! I am confident that you can make Bruno proud, as long as we can continue to provide you with the tools you need.

Now, that is one item off of Ken's list... Who is next?

Michelle Minkin said...

Gavin, that was not only generous, it was done quickly. I am not part of the helios project but I did work with Ken and his people when I lived in Austin 2 years ago. Ken isn't really much for the limelight so he pushes any praise for him onto those around him. These folks are doing some fantastic work.

Ken mentioned a banner. I am supposing he is thinking a vinyl one and they are expensive, especially with the long name of the center. Is there anyone who reads this blog in the printing business or know of a place they can get it without a lot of cost. These guys are not exactly awash in money. I live in Seattle but I will check around and see what I can do as well.


V.T. Eric Layton said...

Just absolutely wonderful, Ken! :)


V. T. Eric Layton
Scot's Newsletter Forums - Bruno's All Things Linux Administrator

ebrke said...

This is very good news, Ken!

Bruno Knaapen said...

"The Bruno Knaapen Technology Learning Center"

. . . Ken you are THE man, you pulled it off, and I feel deeply honored !
This makes me so proud . . . and hereby I know that all the effort I gave to never give up was not wasted. The 37,904 forum posts were not wasted. The hours were not wasted but had one only purpose: teaching people how to use technology ( in this case "Linux-technology" ) to get ahead in life and better themselves.

I am deeply moved by the fact that you named it after me: Bruno Knaapen.



PS: Yep, I am still fighting "the" battle . . . .

Anonymous said...

Ken, I sat in on your "Welcome to Linux" class at the Hilton on Town Lake two years ago and came out of that hall with knowledge I still use today. Your teaching style is both entertaining and effective. If those people at The Bruno Knaapen Center are getting half of the same instruction, you are doing them a world of good.

Thank you for your persistence and patience Ken. You are indeed a jewel within the community.

Marci Regan

Michael Hall said...

I don't recognize the game the girl is playing in this photo, what is it?

Unknown said...

That's a generic photo from our library so I'm not sure it's even Linux. That is a photo taken at a library a while ago. It's the only picture shown that isn't our project. I had fits getting blogger to space ours correctly so I stuck that one in there just to maintain the offset harmony.


whydoubt said...

FWIW, after taking a closer look it is some "Clifford the Big Red Dog" game.

LilBambi said...

RIP Bruno! You are still greatly missed! But at least kids will continue to learn about Linux through the Bruno Knaapen Technology Learning Center!

Baudouin Knaapen said...

Just found this article about the Bruno Knaapen Technology Learning Center. Fantastic how my brothers work is been kept alive. We knew little about his work and were active in different directions. But we both were involved in work with social impact.

BTW Bruno was a graphic designer and has been ill for the last years of his life.