The HeliOS Project is now.....

The HeliOS Project is now.....
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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Santa Visits The HeliOS Project

It was pretty much the last thing I expected...

But then again, I never expected a nasty cold on Christmas Eve...

But, ya take the good with the bad, right?

Things had been slow here.  Our prime vehicle had sat for a few days, crippled and unsafe to drive, deliveries were piling up and I really wanted to get these computers delivered by Christmas.  Things do work out though if you give them a push from time to time.  Rick Meyers stepped up and took four of the computers we had ready and delivered them, I took the three closest to me and prodded the Rodeo to do her duty...

We got caught up...Thanks Rick.

But we still had the pressing matter of not having a reliable way of getting around.  Our delivery vehicle was unsafe to drive and we needed a new one.  I had put 800.00 dollars down on a rebuilt Jeep Grand Cherokee but we owed 1800 dollars to pick it up.  Generous readers had donated 500.00 to the cause but that left us short 1300 bucks.

That's a lot of money when you operate a charity or non least for us it is.

And then I heard sleigh bells.

Funny thing associate Christmas with snow and cheery fires with ice-glistened trees and heavy coats accompanied by frosty breath.

A far cry from San Diego California where the daytime winter temperature is 65 degrees.  Looks like Santa is wintering in San Diego this year.  He emailed me a couple days ago and it was a simple one line email.

If 1300 dollars is all that is stopping you from resuming your work after the holidays, I can donate it to you.

How do you reply to something like that?  I mean, aside from humble thanks.

"Santa" does not want to be named nor does he want a lot of fanfare around this.  He was kind enough to help us with this generous gift at a time when it was needed most and for that I am not only grateful, I am rejuvenated.  I want to publicly thank this wonderful person for the Christmas present he left under our tree.  It is going to allow us to continue doing what we do.

I also want to publicly thank Andy Krell, Skip Guenter, Tom King and Ron West for the generous donation of their time.  Each had volunteered at a moment's notice to deliver or pick up equipment if needed.  For that generosity, I thank each of you.

Virginia already knew there was a Santa Claus...

Now I do too

All-Righty Then


gagy said...

I am so please to hear this good news. A new sleigh (sorry, set of wheels) for Christmas. Santa is a very kind and generous person. Thanks so much Mr Claus.
More kids should be happy this year's end.
Best wishes to all, and specially to you Ken.

Ronald Meyers said...

I don't know who you are but I want to thank the person that gave this project the money to get their new vehicle. While I do from time to time help out in small ways, I think most people do not realize the amount of work and heart Mr. Starks puts into The HeliOS Project. Had it been me, I would have quit long ago. He is correct in one thing from a previous blog. The Austin Community needs to help fund this project, either the corporate or wealthy private sector.

Thank you Ken for all you do and I want to especially thank the person that helped these guys when they needed it most.

Ron Meyers - Austin

ajlec2000 said...

This is the kind thing that makes Christmas fun. Thanks San Diego Santa. You've made people happy far beyond the Austin area.

Anonymous said...

I too would like to extend my warmest regards and thanks to the San Diego Santa. This is truly an astounding and reassuring holiday gift to the Helios Project. Our struggle is always a difficult one, especially when it comes to funding. You have helped see us through a major obstacle in our journey to keep bringing technology to those who need it most.

Thank you.

- RW

Gavin said...

Some people give what they want. Some people give what they can. Almost no one gives what is needed.

Thank you, "San Diego'claus". Who ever you are.

spinach said...

that's really good news. thanks, santa!

now, about that cold: try some ginger tea, it works wonders.

Kevin (Whizard72) said...

Always remember that God and son Jesus are loving, caring fathers to us all and they want the best for us.

They want us to succeed in all good things we endeavor to do. Remember that it's the forces of evil who place the obstacles in the way.

Amenditman said...

Thank you San Diego Santa!

1300 bucks is a fantastic, generous gift.

You have given hope to some very deserving children.

In addition you have pumped new life into our project and revitalized our efforts.

Ken, about that cold, take care of yourself. You know what happened the last time you ignored you health. Don't know if we can take another close call like that.

@Kevin (Whizard72) +1