The HeliOS Project is now.....

The HeliOS Project is now.....
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Friday, September 04, 2009

Let's Rock and Roll...

I've had about all the laying about I can stand.

Really I have. I've carefully tested the waters and have done 4 installs in two far so good. No Red Bull, good diet (kinda) getting sleep...all the right stuff.

Again, thank you to those blessed folks who allowed me to seek the medical attention I are precious to me and I hold each of you dear, even though many of us have never met.

But it's time to get to work.

We are in fairly severe need of some perephrial equipment that many of you might have laying around. What we are short of are:

USB optical mice

USB wireless devices or internals

Inexpensive stereo speakers for the systems we install

More USB optical mice.

We are way short of those in particular.

If you have some laying around, comment or email me. I would really appreciate it.

As well, I am looking for someone who can write a one hour class syllabus on basic intro to the Linux desktop (gnome). If anyone has any experience with it, I would appreciate it. It will be for adults and kids alike...the classes that is.

Also, for those living in Austin, I need to re-arrange and organize the limited storage facility I have on site. It is a freaking mess. I am going to be more honest with you than I want to be.

I can't do a whole lot of lifting yet. I lost a lot of muscle tone and weight while I was recovering so this is gonna take me a while.

Tom King is pinging the volunteer list for LAP to see if we cannot meet out at our facility and make sense out of this mayhem.

If you can come out, that would be great. I am guessing around 10'ish this Sunday is good but after that is fine as well.

Thanks again folks for helping me get back on my feet.

I could not have done it without you.

All-Righty Then...


kozmcrae said...

Please pay attention to your body Ken. We do not want you to not be able to do it with out us any more than is necessary. ;-) Before you know it, they'll be writing songs about you. Try to hold that off as long as possible. I wish I could be there helping out but to be honest, you're lucky I'm not.

Unknown said...

you're lucky I'm not.

I should be so blessed.


Allie Cat said...

It's too bad I'm broke right now.

If you still need mouses come October, I'll get some sent your way. I can't commit much to the project, but that I can do.

Unknown said...

@ JN

No, please don't spend any money. There are tons of folks who have one or two laying around not being used...let's see how it goes first.

I deeply appreciate it though...thank you.


Amenditman said...

So glad to see you back on your feet and moving around.

Please take at least a little time to care for yourself, these kids need you. There aren't a lot of us in the community that would do what you do to the degree that you do. So take care of yourself.

BTW did you get the box of salvage i sent during your recuperation. It wasn't much but it was what I had laying around from fixing folks computers during this past lightning season.


Unknown said...

You bet I got that box...thank you. All of it can or has been used. Not much goes to waste here.


einfeldt said...

pent lots of time in classes with teachers using our Linux lab with kids, I can tell you confidentally that you will need multiple lesson plans based on the age of the children and the skill level of the adults. Please do yourself a favor and try to separate the learners into age groups and ability groups. If you will tell me the ages of the kids and skill level of the adults and the distro, I will write a one-hour intro class.

Also, you will probably need more than one class. I have taught plenty of teachers to use Linux, and I know that some teachers get it right away, but others really need hand-holding. If you lump different ages or skill levels into the same class, you will find that you won't cover much in the first, class, or you will blow by the less skilled learners, or you will frustrate the more skilled learners.

It is really really important to make sure that each learner steps along with you as they are learning. It is important to stress to your learners that they need to do exactly what you are telling them and not get ahead, because then you will have to start troubleshooting their individual problems, which will cause the rest of the class to lose attention.

It is also important to have plenty of helpers who can go to the learners on an individual basis to help them along.

It is really crucial to make sure that you don't proceed you know that each learner is up to speed with you.

Good luck brother.

Christian Einfeldt

Rich_C said...

Firstly, please take it easy and listen to your body!

On the Gnome intro front, there's this: which I found by perusing Ubuntu's documentation here:

Probably pretty good source material, if not exactly what you're after...

Michael Hall said...

Unfortunately we are short on the exact same items, optical mice and speakers, or I would send some your way.

I would encourage anyone who is going to make a short intro class to Linux desktops put it up here:

It is a moddle-based site, originally made for the OpenSuse educational remix, but is also gaining information about the Fedora, Debian and Ubuntu educational suites.

Chad said...

I so wish I could take a vacation right now.