The HeliOS Project is now.....

The HeliOS Project is now.....
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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Interesting Times Ahead

For those in the Central Texas area...and I am sure this is not on your normal to do list...

You may want to tune into the Kim Komando show on KLBJ AM today (Saturday the 19th of September).

Particularly around 1:04 PM, 1:45 PM and 2:05 PM, CST.

You might find it interesting...

We'll talk more about it Monday.

Edit: Just heard the 30 second spot and it played at 10:51 when scheduled for 10:59...scheduled times are not exact but within 10 they tell me...



Unknown said...

For those of you not local to Austin, TX, you can listen live via the internet at:

Unknown said...

You can listen live at:

kozmcrae said...

I tried. I really tried. After about 10 minutes of that syrupy proprietary goodness my liver began to fail.

Christopher Painter said...

I found your blog because I heard the radio spot today ( I listen to KLBJ during the week and hate their weekend programming for the most part ).

A couple pieces of it sounded like FUD and scare tactics to me. For example "Microsoft controls your data". Give me a break.

David Meyers said...

Sounds like someone slept through MS EULA 101.

Take a few minutes and read the EULAs for XP Vista and 7. You may disagree with the term "owns"...that's ok, Bill Clinton had trouble with "is". You are in good company.

If anyone, and I mean anyone can come into my computer and do ANYTHING without me knowing it or my permission, then at the very least, my computer becomes a joint custody venture between me and the interloper.

No fud may be comfortable with joint custody but I am not.

Do you have any strange urge to click "I agree"?

David Meyers

Michelle Minkin - Seattle said...

@ Christopher,

You not only don't mind being pwned by Microsoft, you posted to the wrong blog.

I was warned to read the Microsoft EULA in 2003. Wanted to switch to Mac but found some of the same language in some of the Mac stuff.

So either you choose to remain ignorant of the facts or you have read it and decided having Microsoft's hand up your backside is better than having to spend a bit of time learning something better. Either way it's pretty sad Chrstopher.

Here's the blog most people would have posted your response.

Social Darwinism...seems we have a new contestant.


Anonymous said...

Mystery solved about Christopher

His profile:

He's a "Windows Installer Consultant"

In other words Chelle was right on both counts. PWNED and Paid to be so.

Love the hand up the backside Chelle.

Mike Dobson in Houston