The HeliOS Project is now.....

The HeliOS Project is now.....
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Thursday, August 20, 2009

This was unexpected

Hey folks,

As some of you heard, yesterday I collapsed while carrying a computer uspstairs. Lost complete consciousness and was transported to the nearest hospital where I was admitted for tests.

Diagonis was extreme exhaustion and dehydration. I am home now with orders to stay either in bed or in my home as quietly as possible. I am still very weak...who knew...?

I do have a problem though. My copay for the stay is 300 dollars and I just don't have it. That's not counting the ambulance ride, which is outrageous I hear.

I have never come to the community and asked for personal donations, but being a non profit I cannot stand for any delinquent payments or bills. If you can see your way clear to give me a hand, I would sure consider it at 180 day loan.

Your help is greatly appreciated.



Unknown said...

As a person living in a country where state hospitals are free (though some offer a 2 dollars voluntary contribution), I can say that being forced to pay for the kind of care you did after already having paid your taxes is really a proof that USA's medicare services are the wrong way to go to help the people.

We also have prepaid and private medicine for the ones who want it, and the system works beter in some areas than in others, but it works.

Doctors usually work in paid clinics and do volutary work at hospitals, which works great for learning and resume filling.

Anonymous said...

OK - my little contribution is on its way. Come on, guys - let's help Ken back on his feet. And Ken, from now on, listen to your body, OK? I almost wish diabetes on you, that would make you pay attention!

Daddy said...


Spread the word. Tweet #HelpHelios.

Anonymous said...

Do you have a link were people who would like to help can go? It probably needs to be kept separate from the Helios Project funds.

Fantasysage said...

Reddit to the rescue!

Get well and stay frosty.

Justin Fischer said...

Get well soon, Ken. There is a group on that has been donating to help with your medical expenses.

Michelle Minkin - Seattle said...

For those that are wondering. The donate button on the left side of the blog is for general and incidental funds. Ken or any other director, with permission can draw funding from there with good cause.

I cannot see any better cause than this.
Help on the way Kenny


Daddy said...

I'd also posted it to HN:

Apparently my Twitter idea fell flat sicne I'm not known well enought but Reddit seems to have responded huge so I thought I'd try HN as well.

kieranmullen said...

Would it be better to leave the name of the hospital to send money to so people do not think it is a fake attempt to get money.

Have you talked to the hospital and explored your options with them and simply told them you can not pay? Hospitals have to give you millions of dollars of free care every year from people that can not pay.

eg: Bums get into a knife fight and end up in a hospital, they are obligated to help them.

Vincent said...

Enter health care debate :P

Anyway, best wishes, hope you recover soon.

Anonymous said...

Just donated $10 (through the paypal link on the top left) good luck!

Michelle Minkin - Seattle said...

Would it be better to leave the name of the hospital to send money to so people do not think it is a fake attempt to get money.

Helios has a large following. Anyone posting that this is in anyway a scam just needs to google helios kids computers

He has been personally vetted by the Technology commission in Austin and has had dozens of people go out and do installf for these kids. Should you run into any one or maybe a mirror image that touts this as scam...

I just cut the braclet off his arm. I flew in from Seattle to try to take care of him. He lives alone. As soon as I get the bracelet from his hospital scanned, I will post it here.


Anonymous said...

"eg: Bums get into a knife fight and end up in a hospital, they are obligated to help them."

Well, given his "1960"s" appearance and demeanor, Ken Starks is anything but a street bum. I'm not sure you were meaning to say he was, but I think the analogy-twice-removed could have been thought out bettr

I know from experience. The Texas Medical System sucks. The emergency room is most usually a Dr.'s office for those without inurance. If you are a reasonably white mail and walk in there...they don't see you they see dollar signs.

James Dixon said...


You will have mail shortly.

Anonymous said...

Get well soon! Your friends at

Anonymous said...

All my mail is white.

Hugo Estrada said...

Hope you get well Ken!

I got books to pay cause I go to school this week otherwise I sure as hell would be Donating

But hey man listen if you need some one to take care of things and fix and do a few installs give my number a ring or my facebook page a hit.

Im a college student i got a weird schesule meaning nobody will employ me but im guessing a non profit could really use a little bit of help for a few hours a day


Unknown said...

@ hugo

call me. email me helios fixedbylinuxdotcom phone is dead. went dead in hospital and have no way of charging it yet.

Anonymous said...

Ken, try plugging your phone into your computer USB port. My phone will charge that way.

MadTux said...

You know how silly this sounds. Oh, I got money for internet access and plenty of time to do free shit for people, but I don't have $300 and it will take me $180 days to pay back the 300? Ever heard of a pawn shop? That's what they are for. Besides, who the hell pays hospital bills. I tell ya what my grandmother once told me and I had to learn the hard way. Son, never live outside of your means! Hey, at least you have insurance. Most of us have no insurance at all. If you are living outside your means, perhaps it's time to make a move.

Andrew Magnus said...

@ MadTux

After looking at your profile. I can understand your attitude. Sad, but I can understand it.

The "free s***" you mention has been an opened door for hundreds of kids in Austin alone. Ken's efforts have changed lives. Apparently you hold that as something of little value.

Ken also has enough honor to know that all he has is his word. He isn't a leech on this society. Some of us, regardless of employment status, feel an obligation to pay our debts. I have been a volunteer for The HeliOS Project on and off for two years and if Ken Starks is anything, he is an honorable man.

It might do you good to work with him for a week. And so you know, Ken doesn't have the money to pay for his internet service. His neighbor allows him wireless access to their account.

Maybe a good suggestion would be to find a bit out about the person you attack before doing so. It tends to make one look rather foolish, even bitter if not.