The HeliOS Project is now.....

The HeliOS Project is now.....
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Friday, August 07, 2009


To avoid any confusion, we have since gotten this problem solved. I wrote a short blog entry explaining how and when but some folks are being directed here instead of the new entry, I want to personally thank all the people who have offered solutions, often at personal sacrifice. You people define "community". Thank you for doing so. - h

You all know that the HeliOS Project takes old computers, rebuilds them and gives them to disadvantaged kids... is the situation.

We have 40 + pentium 4's and Xeon desktops with our name on them in Sellersburg Indiana.

We have 25 + flat panel LCD monitors with our name on them in Sellerburg Indiana.

Shipping them will be more burden on the people giving them than I want to ask...not to mention the pricetag

Truck Rental is about 600 bucks. Not gonna happen.

Who wants to take three days and drive us to Indiana and back in either a large van or a vehicle capable of towing a trailer. Of course we pay fuel and lodging. Leaving on the weekend of the 15th of August. Yeah, short notice...welcome to my life.

I have made contact with Bob Moore, the guy who helped me "scam" thousands of dollars out of the Linux community for the Tux 500 project. He is working on his end in Indiana to see if we can find someone to secure the stuff until we can make arrangements to pick it up...but that's a lot to ask of someone on short notice...

Like asking this of you isn't? We will be happy to give the person supplying the vehicle 10 of the computers for their trouble, plus expenses of course.

It will be an adventure, and I promise...after three days in a vehicle with me, all positive mental pictures you have of me will be permanently destroyed.

So...You down for it? Ah, c''ll be fun. You think I picked this graphic above on a whim? Bless the soul who has the courage...

OR...if you have a vehicle you would rent us for a decent price, we could do that.

mail me helios at fixedbylinux dott kommm

All-righty then


PV said...

Has the replacement for the Rodeo been resolved yet?

A Linux Mint user since 1 May 2009

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

No, I was going to do a special blog about this but since the subject came up I thought I would kind of break it here and then blog about it later

A wonderful, kind and generous man by the name of Tano Garcia, owner of Longhorn Radiator and Auto Repair was kind enough to replace the crankshaft, flywheel, clutch, throwout bearing and all belts and hoses on the vehicle. He did all that work for 300.00 which I paid for out of pocket. I owe him a great deal of thanks for his gift. It is now running but in extremely limited service. Mark Van Kingsley showed extreme courage just riding in it when he came to visit and take part in Linux Against Poverty. It "seems" to be running well...but I am extremely hesitant to take that vehicle to Indiana and back, especially pulling a trailer full of computers.

We have purchased a Jeep Grand Cherokee, completely rebuilt and acquired through Mr Garcia. It has a mechanic's Lien against it and the new title has been applied for. Unfortunately, the state of Texas isn't in any hurry to issue the title and we probably won't receive the vehicle until the window of opportunity closes on these computers. The company that is supplying them is moving and they must be out of that building by the 18th of August. If push comes to shove, I will attempt to go in the Rodeo...I just hope I have enough prayer beads to last the trip.

kozmcrae said...

It's fortunate that I'm not within striking distance. As I turn into an old person undesirable changes have occurred. I've become the worst back seat driver ever. Putting me in the front seat only puts me closer to the thing we're going to hit. My daughter nearly abandoned me in the back hills of Goshen Mass. because of my antics.

Road trips can be wonderful bonding adventures. I would be terribly tempted to go if I was in a position to. For now Ken, you'll just have to accept that you are lucky you won't be stuck in a car with me for three days.

Unknown said...

@ Justin Hall

The remark you refer to has been deleted...That person, along with select few others have "pass through" privilege via their IP address so I did not have a chance to moderate it and did not see it before your comment came up for moderation.

that comment, for the most part had no relevancy to the blogpost or anything else for that matter and has been deleted..therefore your response is not necessary.

That is ancient history. as unfortunate as it may have been and that person isn't mentioned here use in feeding a vanity search troll.


Anonymous said...

Yeah Ken, no kidding. Have you seen your blog ranking for tech blogs dude? Wow. It's impressive to say the least. I've noticed that your blog gets picked up by google within minutes of publication, and I do mean mere minutes. I don't know what SEO techniques you use but I'd be happy if you shared them.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You're coming all the way up to my neck of the woods. Well, I'm in Indy but you're only going to be a little over an hour south of me.

Unknown said...

@ cmccullough

then it would be silly if we didn't meet. email me and we'll make arrangements.


Anonymous said...

I'll definitely do that. Do you have an idea when you'll be making the long trip? Let me know if you need help loading the equipment, too.


Unknown said...

Done Deal Chad, I will let you know when things firm up a bit.


tracyanne said...

I have a vehicle and trailer, you won't need to pay me in computers, and I'd gladly give my time, the problem might be getting the vehicle to Texas, as I'm in Australia.


BA2LLB said...

Could you find a trucker with an empty trailer or some room in a partially full trailer to deliver the computers and monitors from Indiana to Texas? There must be a few truckers willing to help.

Dana said...

contact BKR frieght (located in sellersburg/martinsburg) and see if they have space on a load going to texas. Contact Karen Jump @ 812-967-3685 Let her know what it is you need.

Unknown said...

Dana, thank you very much. I was able to make some arrangements earlier and instead of trying to ammend this blog, I wrote a new one 'splaining that we had it covered from two directions. Should this not work out for us, I will most certainly do as you say and give them a call.

To answer the previous comment, we have in the past done this...had good-hearted truckers take on some "tail-load" drop it off to us on the way through but often a trucker will get diverted and instead of coming into Austin, he will have to take an alternate route to another destination. That often results in the trucker calling me and saying "I'll be in Temple at 2:45 AM getting fuel, if you can meet me there at Love's Truck Stop, I can offload your freight there".

Well, not only is that an unannounced rude awakening at 1 am, there is often not enough reaction time to get to the driver and he ends up hauling the freight all over the US before we can get someone to offload it for us. I know that's a long explanation but it bears telling just so you know that we have that option open to us. Unless the driver has a specific load here in Austin, it just doesn't work out for us/