The HeliOS Project is now.....

The HeliOS Project is now.....
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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Time to Share the Wealth

As a non profit entity, The HeliOS Project does not generate capital. We do not "profit" as is made obvious by our non profit status.

That doesn't mean we don't receive individual "payment" from time to time.

I received a letter not too long ago from the Executive Director of The Settlement Home, thanking us for accepting them as one of our projects. We built12 computers then installed them around the compound, in the various "houses". The Settlement Home is a safe-haven and long term home for young girls who have been horribly abused or neglected.

You better be a strong person if you are going to sit with one of the counselors and listen to some of the individual stories.

Strong means not getting up, obtaining a ball bat and busting the knees of the sub-human rot capable of these acts.

It was our privilege and pleasure to accept and complete this project. The giggles and bright-eyed anticipation we saw and heard while we were there is treasure beyond tally.

I honestly wish you could have been there.

See...some of you were. You are the parts and the pieces that make up the whole of those machines and of that software. Many of you give us money so we can do what we do, you write the code and scripts that make it all work...and without you, I could have never experienced the soaring joy that was The Settlement Home.

So no...we don't get paid in money...and often, what we are paid by has no tangible presence.
But sometimes it does.

Shortly behind the letter we received from Linda Addicks Kokemor, The Executive Director, we received a large brown postal envelope. Within that envelope was the only real "payment" some of you will realize for helping us do what we do. I dearly hope you can understand how precious this payment is...for it comes from the hands and the hearts of the tiniest among those there...Those little girls from The "Nelson House".

While my name is on some of these, understand that these children associate what they have with the person they saw place it there...they have no idea that it was you that put those computers into their was you that opened the doors to their futures...that gave them choices they may never have had otherwise. I've made sure the staff passes that along when the opportunity presents itself.

Just so you know. I want you to have these:

All-Righty Then...


einfeldt said...

Good for you, Ken. You are making a difference out there in Austin, often at great hardship to yourself. But at the end of your life, you will be able to look back on your life and truly say, "I made the world a better place." Thank you for inspiring me and warming my heart.

I realize, of course, that the purpose of your story is not to seek praise for yourself, but to let your readers know that progress is being made. You are helping people understand that they have choice in selecting their computers; helping them understand that they can exercise greater control of how they express themselves, which is, after all, what is most unique about humans, as contrasted with other animals.

As one expresses one's life, so it is. People literally create themselves every day by the way that they express themselves. As they describe their world and their place in it, they are really re-imagining who they are, and building themselves anew each day. You help these girls with that important task by giving them tools with which to express themselves.

You did the right, thing, Ken.

Christian Einfeldt

Reggie Thompson - Austin Texas said...

Ken, as a sometimes-contributor to your project, I want to say a deep felt thank you for sharing this. No, I never really put that much thought into it. You proved you were legitimate, you achieve undeniable and countable results and really, that was all I really needed to help you out.

But this Ken, this is something that has honestly touched me and I want to thank you for being the kind of man that shrugs off praise and passes it along to someone else. Sometimes I get the impression you may be uncomfortable with some of this.

Good, I sort of hope it does. It makes you the man you need to be to do what you do.

Reggie Thompson

Unknown said...

I wish so much that I could send you money. In lieu of that, I have sent you what hardware I can spare. For that, I am very thankful for my part in your project. These cards were great to see. I hope that in the future I can contribute more than just hardware!

Unknown said...

Hey Justin,

No, I don't want you to feel that way...everyone contributes to what they believe in any way they can and to say that one contribution is more important than another is to insult those who gave someone everything they were capable of giving. We, and I hope most charities, look at it that way. If I place a value on anything, it's someone's willingness just to be part of what we do...not what they are able to contribute.


Jonathan Wong said...

Hi Ken,

I have been directed here by someone and I really have to say that this is a truly an inspiring story for us all.

Please do continue doing whatever you are doing. It's folks like you that really understand how technology can make a difference for the better of the world.


(Disclaimer: I work for Microsoft)

Don il said...

As I said before, Ken's goals are much higher than anything money can buy, and the rewards are priceless.

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Ken, since I can't be there, I appreciate your putting your name and your reputation on this project on my behalf. Way back in history, I worked with disadvantaged young people and can remember as a 28 year-old man sitting in my supervisor's office crying over a situation I had just come from. The notes from the young ladies brought back some memories.

I haven't gotten a chance to play wit the AMD Internet device yet, but it's on my list of toys for the near future. Hope the other raffle winners enjoy theirs, too.


Unknown said...

@ Jonathan

I am honored and flattered Jonathan, thank you very much...we love what we do.


A. Damluji said...

Man, everytime i visit i am impressed more by what you and the good people with you do.

thank you for the inspiration!

Tom said...

Good to see you sharing the "feedback". Y'all are doing great work!