The HeliOS Project is now.....

The HeliOS Project is now.....
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Friday, July 10, 2009

Knocking it back a notch

I'm not real happy with my body right now...

It isn't too happy with me for that matter.

Folks I have to deal with this injury and get it out of the way once and for all. I mean, it's my fault...if I had done what I was supposed to in the first place, I wouldn't have to be doing this.

What is "this"?

I need to go into a restorative therapy clinic for 15-20 days and get whole again. Seems that every time I get to feeling a little better and the pain subsides, I take that as a signal to kick the stick off the brake and rage on.

I've never been accused of being very smart.

So, for the next three weeks or so, I will be doing just about as much of nothing as humanly possible...we have Linux Against Poverty coming up and I need to be 100 percent for that event. Doing this now will insure that will happen.

I caught up on our last installs last night and this morning and we will not be taking on any new assignments until after the first of August. I'm not going anywhere...I just won't be doing much of anything. It will give me a chance to work on some scripts I've put off and some technical reading that I've fallen behind on.

My day's will be spent in clinic but evenings and weekends I will be here.

Email me as usual...the keyboard isn't my problem. We will also be needing volunteers for the East Austin Learning Center installation. That will take place the last week of August so if you are interested in helping us build the most comprehensive Linux-based learning center in Austin Texas, email me and we'll make plans to get 'er done.

All-Righty Then


wagnerA said...

Hope you feel better soon.

Rich C said...

Enjoy your enforced break. You deserve it!

kozmcrae said...

This just may be the most difficult thing you'll do.

NoobixCube said...

I have a friend who pushes herself way too hard doing so much charity work. She ends up making herself sick most of the time, because she wears her immune system down. Telling her to slow down, though, I might as well tell a speeding train to slow down.

James Dixon said...

Ken, it sounds to me like you need a vacation.