The HeliOS Project is now.....

The HeliOS Project is now.....
Same mission, same folks...just a different name

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fun, Fun...and more Fun

Just posting this here on the outside chance someone wants to be part of the glamor and glitz of The HeliOS Project. A star-studded party after an install-fest? A packed assembly hall lecture listening to the benefits of using Free Software?

Oh no! It's way more fun than that.

We have been gifted 65 Monitors and 20 computers from a company here in Austin. Yeah,,,wait it gets better. They are 21 inch CRT's. We get to hand dolly them down three floors in an elevator and into a waiting truck at the curb! I know, you are bursting with anticipation to be part of this frolicking day. Sadly, there's only room for three people total in the cab of the truck so we are limited in how many people we can include in this joyfest.

If you are off this Friday and want to give us a hand transporting these donations to our warehouse, just comment here and let us know...and try to keep your exuberance in check...

Act like you've been a part of something this glamorous before.

All Righty Then...
Sweat is a good thing.


NoobixCube said...

I'd love to, but there's this tiny little thing called The Pacific Ocean in my way. Semi-related, do you know if there are any similar organisations to yours in Australia?

Unknown said...

Well noob I appreciate the sentiment.

We have given our business plan and logistical layout to several people Down Under but we've never received any follow-up as to whether they pursued it. To date, I don't know of anyone but Australia is huge...

Actually, there is a lady named Tracy that has instituted our business plan and seems to be doing well with it commercially but I don't know if she works the charity side of it. I imagine she does but I'm not sure.


Gamer said...

Where do I show up? Shoot me an email at beansarenotfruit at

Unknown said...

You sir are a gentleman and a scholar.

The email man cometh.

Amy Masterson said...

Ken, I appreciate the humor by which you presented this request but on a serious note, I think it goes to show just exactly how much work goes into giving something away. Being a hero is hard, ass-busting work. I don't think people appreciate the toil that goes into what you do.

More than anything I appreciate you not complaining about it and just buckling down and getting it done. Thank you for showing us the dirty hands part of what you do.

Amy Masterson

gagy said...

Ken, like NoobixCube I will hide behind another lame excuse... the Atlantic Ocean!
I really wish I could be of help.
Please remember to bend at the knees and not the back. Those monitors will become heavier as the day goes on.
Lame jokes aside, God bless!

Anonymous said...


21 inch CRTS??? Those things are as heavy as a house man.

I don't envy you Brother but I sure do have a whole lot more respect for you. That's a buttload of work for someone who will promptly forget your name in 48 hours. I don't know who the gentleman is that offered to help you but have him email me privately.

Seriously. I want to talk to him.


James Dixon said...

As with a few others, I do in fact have Friday off, but I'm afraid the drive down to Texas from WV would make me a bit late for the festivities. :)

Unknown said...


Ya think?

Unknown said...

thanks gagy...that's appreciated more than you know.