The HeliOS Project is now.....

The HeliOS Project is now.....
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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wireless Woes Continue to Woo Project

We've had some great success in getting computers donated for our HeliOS Project. Problem is, because we cannot get our kids the internet connections they need, we are now almost 100 percent dependent upon wireless connections.

We cannot get wireless devices donated.

Everything else is coming in well and people have been generous to a fault...they just don't have or won't part with wirless devices. We're kind of in a jam and we will come here to see if we can't get this at least temporarily fixed.

Pasted directly from the Current Needs page of our website:

Here are three kinds we can use. The PCMCIA Adapters, the USB Wireless adapters and the PCI wireless adapters. We need all of them in equal measure so any one of them would be greatly appreciated. You can order from the corresponding links and have them shipped to us, you can donate to our fund on the blog of helios website as we can buy them in bulk (on the left side of the page) If you work at a company or firm that has some not being used, we can use those as well. We have a drop point in North Austin if that is more convenient for you. You can also drop them off at our facility on Giblin Bend Road or we will pick them up as our resources allow.

If we were not so behind in getting these machines out, we wouldn't come here for this...we like to keep the HeliOS Project business on that side of the page, but in this circumstance, we hope that folks can give us a hand getting these devices here and into machines. If you care to purchase them and send them to us as an option, email and we will get you our shipping address. That may be a bit more time than some people have so in that event, you can add to our bulk order fund at the top left of this page.

Thank you for being part of what we do.

All-Righty Then


Anonymous said...

This has been up for over 12 hours now and since I am the first commenter, I am guessing you are not doing very well. That sucks Ken.

I just purchased a Belkin USB wireless adapter for you and found your shipping address on the HeliOS Project website. The one on Giblin Bend Road. If that's wrong, email me and I will amend my order. I emailed you with this same comment and my identity so you know who I am. I am Australian so I hope your own countrymen take part as well.

"Thank you for being part of what we do."

No Ken, thank you for you and your director's selfless project. You make me proud to be a Linux user.

Marty D. said...

dear h,

This adapter is what I use in my Ubuntu 8.10 64 desktop with no custom driver to install. As far as I can tell, EDIMAX offers linux drivers. It is also a little cheaper than the card you suggested in this blog post.

Hope this helps,

Unknown said...

EDIMAX offers linux drivers. It is also a little cheaper than the card you suggested in this blog post.

So the kernel/distro includes the drivers within or you have to install them. If the latter, that is why we stay with the ones we picked. I knoow the chipsets, we have the companies word that they will notify us of any chipset changes and they work ootb. I appreciate your suggestion, I am liking that price as well. I will get one for testing purposes and see if the company will work with us like Linksys and belkin are doing.