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The HeliOS Project is now.....
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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Windows Guy Cuffs Microsoft

There's nothing I can add to this. Is it a stunning, world changing announcement or just another "we told you so" moment.

I expect many more of these in the future.,2817,2342703,00.asp

Nuff Said


E of E said...

Perfect timing on this one, I've been talking with a friend about trying out a Linux "Live CD" and not an hour after the conversation this link pops up. :)

For myself I actually need to get playing with Linux again, I'm now a Mac user for my main systems but I love Linux as well and really hope it takes off!

Also, thanks for the blog and the outreach! I started keeping up with the blog after the article about the teacher and the followup was the hook (so-to-speak). Even as a Mac user I'm still pulling for ya! :)

Jason said...

"Easily as slick as Windows 2000"????

Not sure this is really praise.

Anonymous said...

While it is interesting to read, Dvorak's posting is from over a month ago.

What took Helios so long to see it?

Chelle Minkin said...

I wondered why helios never mentioned this article. Dvorak wrote it almost a month ago but then I spoke with someone that worked with Ken and pretty much figured it out. Thanks to Drew for educating me. When you work a regular job then spend every other waking hour trying to solicit hardware donations, build computers from the spare parts, vett candidates for those computers, travel to their homes to install the computers then hold Linux labs and teach people how to use the machines, not to mention write a well known blog and answer on average of 50 emails a day, I can see where he might be a bit behind in his reading.

I don't know how you do it helios but believe me, I and many others are glad you do. Thank you.

Chelle Minkin

Anonymous said...

@ What took Helios so long to see it?

Nothing like the feeling of being a bit of a horses arse is there?'s good for you every now and then. Tends to slow the fingers down before you hit send.

tracyanne said...

Gee Ken, that was short and sweet. never seen you speachless like that before.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that you call Dvorak a "Windows guy". Dvorak tends to write about macs more than anything else. He has criticised Linux in the past, but he does that because he criticises everything.

Anonymous said...

"I cannot wean myself off Windows altogether because, well, I write about Windows."

Read the article...what does he say he runs at home? Why can't he go totally Linux? Again...

"I cannot wean myself off Windows altogether because, well, I write about Windows."

sheesh...feel like picking nits a bit do mate?

Ken said...

".. over a month ago. What took Helios so long to see it?"

Who reads Dvorak for substance in the last, say, 10 years?

Dvorak ADMITTED that he writes to stir the pot for page hits:
Do you think John Dvorak only gamed/games Mac users?

Please, PCMag and Dvorak, have little or any integrity when reporting Computer/Tech news.