The HeliOS Project is now.....

The HeliOS Project is now.....
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Friday, October 24, 2008

37 Degrees!

I don't do cold well, and some of you will laugh because you think 37 degrees is a gentle spring day.

None the less, that's the current temperature in Portland Oregon and I am crawling my narrow backside onto a long tube with lots of people on it and we all seem to be wanting to go to Portland Oregon for one reason or another. Mine?

Lindependence Portland.

My thanks to those who helped me get there and if you live in Eastern Oregon, just remember...we might have the coast, but you have the 7 Sisters.

Inside joke, sorry...

Will publish pictures and reports the evening of the event and will do a full story upon my return Tuesday. Tom King will be doing a full analysis of the event for so all in all it will be covered.

The next one? Taos New Mexico I believe...or is it Toas....

All Righty Then


kozmcrae said...

Yee Haa! Glad you made it Ken. You are the next best thing to being their myself.

Amenditman said...

I really think it's better than me being there.

He can be a whole lot more help to anyone who shows up than this noob.

I have a lot of experience doing installs. I've done so many re-installs of my own system.

Godspeed h


kozmcrae said...

Oops! I meant as far as getting information as to how it went, not actually helping people. That falls into the realm of a different universe.