The HeliOS Project is now.....

The HeliOS Project is now.....
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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

To Those Who Make My Job Easier

Thank You.

I know that isn't near enough to express my gratitude for the gifts you've given this community. There are three of you who know just how generous I can be, but that was a one-time shot and as much as I'd like to match that gesture time and time again...well, we'll see some day.

For now though, I not only want to offer my thanks, I want to start a series that highlights some fairly unknown and sometimes obscure Open Source/Free software. With the hulla-balloo of Firefox 3 and the constant updating distros, it is easy to forget or not even know about the little apps that make the entire Linux Experience a pleasure. I want to start with one of those that has helped me immensely.

Networking in Linux is a Love/Hate relationship with many. Personally, if I cannot immediately access my home PC from anywhere I am, I panic. I find it a bit funny that we hear commercial after commercial about products like "Go to my PC" and the such. We Linux users have been able to do this for the longest time with absolutely Free software. Sure, it might not be as pretty, but feature for feature, we have everything they have minus the price tag.

Recently, I did a laptop install for an individual that needed to upload files to his home computer from his laptop. It was important to him to do so. He didn't need a full feature SSH protocol or anything remotely (sorry) close to it. Many of the files are too big to get past his email size limit so he was worried that his Linux Box wouldn't be able to do what his Windows install did.

That is where droopy comes in. That fact that it is a Python script endears me immediately but more so, the absolute ease by which it is utilized makes it the perfect little app for almost anyone's use.

Directions for use are simple and I will let you discover just how easy they are from the below link. To get it functioning immediately, without any graphics or text on the upload page; all you have to do is place it in your home folder (or "bin" if you prefer) and execute the script with a simple "". Again, you can see how you can add text and graphics to the upload page but for my needs, just the search and send buttons are fine.


Yeah...and don't ask. I have no idea how the author of this project chose the name. All I know is that it's pretty cool and uber-useful. More pleasant is the fact that I sent two emails to the author and he answered my questions/comments immediately.

The value of this little script/app is in its ease-of-use and the cross platform availability. Let's say you have an mp3 file you need on a friends' computer. Just have them type in a simple ip address with the port number (8000 by default) and it brings them to a page with the aforementioned buttons on it. Here is an example the author gives on his website.

I don't see how much easier simple one way file transfer could get. Give it a shot and keep it around for those times you need someone to send you stuff or you are going to be away and want to send things to yourself.

Free/Open Source Software. To those who write the code. Thank You Pierre.

You make it look so easy. We know better.

All-Righty Then


Amenditman said...

I guess I'm just old school, but I have never understood the uses of these products.

I am not a computer professional, however, and can see where you guys could need this. You probably would not understand my collection of hammers.


kozmcrae said...

I've developed a theory about collections. It is based on my own experience so please don't take offense. Everything I've collected represents an activity, endeavor or goal I wish to associate with. I now have a garage full of junk that documents my desire be associated with these things.

Amenditman said...

My hammer collection is purely for professional pursuits (ah hum, that's what I tell the wife, "tools make us money, honey, gotta have good ones"). Really though, I do have just the perfect one for just about any job. If you know of one I don't have, please let me know.

Let's not even start on my collection of saws.


Anonymous said...

> I have no idea how the author of this project chose the name.

Droopy was the cartoon dog who kept reappearing after having been disposed of in one way or another. In one cartoon, it was revealed that he was not one dog, but several identical dogs (i.e., copies).

Unknown said...

Oh yes, I do remember that Droopy...I just didn't make the association.

Amenditman said...

I remember the cartoon, what was it called?